Peter Rousselot: “Contest Every Seat!”


    From the Peter Rousselot for DPVA chair campaign:

    Dear Fellow DPVA Central Committee Member,

    By now, I hope you have read my plan for DPVA. More importantly, I now have had the opportunity to talk with more and more of you individually. You have been telling me how dissatisfied you have been with what you see as the lack of sufficient help and encouragement from DPVA to recruit and encourage candidates to contest races for the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates.

    Your message is clear. It’s great to have a fair process to choose certain races for special attention and targeting. But DPVA is leaving Virginia Democrats in all the other races to fend for themselves, sink or swim.

    I realize that DPVA has to set priorities and allocate its resources accordingly. Right now, until it raises a lot more money, neither DPVA nor the Democratic Senate or House caucus leadership can provide significant financial assistance to candidates in non-targeted races.

    But here’s what DPVA can and should do for all official Democratic Senate and HOD candidates:

    Before the primary date:

    *Loudly and publicly declare that Democrats should contest every Senate and HOD race.

    *Provide technical advice to prospective Democratic candidates.

    *Work with the House and Senate Democratic Caucus leadership to take a look at the criteria currently used to target races, and revise the criteria as appropriate.

    After the primary date:

    *Arrange one high-profile fundraising or political event with a prominent statewide or regional Democratic leader as the “draw”.

    *Ensure that any “Coordinated Campaign” effort in the candidate’s district will include her or him in Voter ID, Voter Persuasion and GOTV.

    *Drastically cut the current voter database access fee for all Democratic candidates in races with an incumbent Republican or an open seat, and make up the lost revenue by improved DPVA fundraising.

    *Provide pre-packaged technical help so candidates can have their campaigns using DPVA’s online resources effectively, as quickly as possible.

    In order to qualify for DPVA’s help, Senate or HOD candidates must commit to the following:

    *Support publicly DPVA’s Party Plan;

    *Provide a written political and fundraising campaign plan;

    *Obtain Local and Congressional Democratic Committee approval;

    *Hire a Professional Campaign Manager

    Let me know what you think about these ideas, and any others. I want to hear more of your feedback. Take a few moments to give me your suggestions – you can email me or call me at (202) 285-5365.

    And don’t forget to visit my website to read my plan and learn more about why I am running for DPVA Chair.

    Best regards,

    Peter Rousselot

    • Tom

      Whether Peter is elected DPVA chair, his plan to literally rebuild the party in Virginia deserves strongly positive support and should be incorporated into a revision of the Party Plan. Let’s face it, folks, like the Redskins we are in a rebuilding year which requires a full-time effort on the part of all party members and grassroots volunteers (the large majority of whom are NOT Dem. party members but make all the difference in every election as to whether we win or lose), not just the next DPVA chair.

      Come on, BV bloggers, let’s give Peter some adulation for his plan to get us back on the winning side starting with the PWC BOCS chair race and the Gainesville district race where we can get rid of Corey Stewart and John Stirrup if we can rebuild with stronger Latino outreach.

      BUT … first we have to elect a full-time DPVA chair who fully understands what rebuilding means, and it is NOT “back to business as usual” that lost elections in 2009 and 2010. We need a clean sweep, with highly energetic and full-time leadership starting at the top.

      Just my own opinions, which I happen to believe may be shared by the large majority of BV bloggers – but Peter and the Central Committee members need your confirmation with your positive comments. What say you, good people ? Do you agree with Peter’s “Take Back Virginia” ideas, have better ideas ? Comments, please.


    • Dan Sullivan

      Peter is the stronger choice, but this is a fait accompli. I do not need a poll. I have 35 years of frustration and disappointment with the DPVA.

      Things can only improve after the 2011/13 shellacking.