Redskins-Eagles: Anatomy of a Disaster


    Also, see Thomas Boswell’s superb column, which concludes, “No amount of money can convince the Redskins of what should be obvious: they aren’t ready to go picking fights with the Eagles. That day may come sometime. But not yet. And not close.”  You can say that again!

    P.S. Since this is a progressive political blog, and also to help kick off a conversation, any thoughts on coach Mike Shanahan and the guys who picked him, Republicans Dan Snyder and Bruce “Felix Macacawitz’s Brother” Allen?

    • The Richmonder

      Republicans hate Redskins fans, and want to mock Redskins fans by fielding a substandard team that will subject Redskins fans to mocking around the water cooler at work.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Going to be hard to duplicate that level of incompetence with the Redskins, but last night was a spectacular step in that direction.  

    • scott_r

      …was a typical Corporate sales-drone who drank far too much of his own koolaid…in the mold of a Fiorina.  He knows nothing about building a real team (ala Charley Casserly), or any other kind of business that actually produces anything (in this case football) – he does know how to milk/asset-strip a venture for every last dime while trashing it.  In this respect, he is the epitome of the get-rich-quick short-sighted fast-buck GOP/corporate whore mindset.  His warm embrace of the rah-rah cheer/yes-man harder Marty Schottenheimer approach (and early disaster) made this clear.  The team has never recovered.  Norv Turner is likely quite happy to be free of the boy-king.  Yeah, well, I quit following them when Snyder took over, because of Snyder, and I know a lot of folks who did the same.  

    • JimWebster

      Snyder thinks he’s Steinbrenner, but he lacks the class.

    • Cool_Arrow

      As both a Democrat and a Cowboys fan I enjoy seeing the Skins lose but hate when it is to the Eagles. That said, turning the team over Shanahan and Allen is a step in the right direction. While I don’t think that either are fantastic the Skins have suffered over the years from not having good drafts and having insanely stupid free agent deals like paying a fat guy with a bad knee to take up blockers the most on your team. Given the hand that they were dealt with the Skins have progressed a lot this year. They’ll need this year’s draft where they actually have picks but they apart from last night they have been competitive in most games which is a lot more than what you would have said last year.

      As for my Cowboys? They really suck don’t even get me going there!

    • jack hughes

      Danny Boy doesn’t know the first thing about teamwork or leadership.  The churn in personnel shows little sign of abating, even with McNabb under contract.  The washington football team has had far more talkers than players for the past decade, and the hubris of the home players prior to this game bit them hard and fast.

      Like so many others I’m a transplant to the DC metro area, and I grew to like the ‘skins in the 80s and 90s, mostly due to Joe Gibb’s decency.  Unfortunately, he was so clearly in over his head when he returned this decade, even his leadership couldn’t right the ship.  After being on the waiting list for eons, I got season tickets some years ago but gave them up after finding the game-day experience… wanting.

      Now I admire teams that value stability, longevity, and teamwork — New England, Pittsburgh, and those upstarts in New Orleans.

      Joe Gibbs’ era aside, the local team is pretty sad.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      is my personal fb fan cred (such as it is) going down the toilet.  I missed the game completely.  (Yes, I know…)  I am still looking for a clip of Vick jumping into the arms of his offensive line.  Vick always did know how to treat his line. Aside from skill, speed, agility and a superhuman passing arm, the guy knows how to lead.