RPV Pivots Right to 2012; Where’s the DPVA?


    I’ve gotta hand it to the Republican Party of Virginia, this is exactly what they should be doing right now – pouring it on, pivoting right to 2012 and Jim Webb.  The question is, where’s the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) exactly? Shell-shocked?  Sure, that’s understandable to a point, but c’mon guys, suck it up and let’s get going here or Obama and Webb WILL be next!

    • Jim Webb Dem

      … but you know … the Republicans are now leading the House of Representatives (come swear it time) … and will now have to offer up “real” plans and initiatives. They’ve got nothing… and they’ll be part of the Washington problem come 2012.

      It will be up to the President, the DNC, and party to get on the same page and smack them down. Lots could happen in the mean time.

      Look at Rand Paul. Does anyone think he’s controlled by Mitch McConnell? Not. So does Paul take a stance with Jim Webb on Judicial Reform (I would bet on it). Point being …. The co-opted Tea Party libertarian types are equivalent to the Blue Dogs in the Democratic Party… and they don’t necessarily like the stone wall approach to legislation.

      So the smug ad run above while clever is fueled by partisan hate … which doesn’t go down well with independents.

      Webbs got a great record …. and Obama can round out his in the next 18 months. The DPVA of Virginia needs a change. Let’s hope Brian Moran has grow up and inspires when he fills the post as chairman.

    • I have no patience with people who didn’t at least think through the worst that could have happened (but didn’t) yesterday and at least think about what we might have to do immediately.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.  That way you keep moving forward, no matter how many times someone tries to push you back.

    • totallynext

      Tom Perrillo for DPVA Chair – he come out swinging!

    • I would first like to take this opportunity to offer my thanks and admiration to three excellent public servants, Congressman Rick Boucher, Congressman Glen Nye and Congressman Tom Perriello. I know all three of these gentlemen personally and I can attest to their commitment and dedication, their love for Virginia and their principles and values in trying to do what they believed was best for their constituents. I wish them well and hope they will continue to be active in the months and years ahead.

      I would like to congratulate those Representatives who were re-elected and to our new Congressmen, two of whom I know from the General Assembly. I wish them well and look forward to working with them.

      Here in Virginia, as we prepare for the next General Assembly Session beginning in January, we remember that the Virginia Democratic Party  is about results and improving Virginians’ lives and finding solutions. In the months ahead there is no bigger or more pressing problem than putting Virginians back to work. Virginians are hurting and they are worried about the future. It is our responsibility to address this problem and to ensure that we focus single-mindedly on ensuring the Virginians have the jobs they need and that their fears and concerns for the future are resolved. Virginia has been a leader in this country for four hundred years and we will continue to lead over the next century and into the future.

      To my fellow Democrats, I know last night was very disappointing and difficult, both in Virginia and around the country. But, don’t despair. We need to continue to work hard, continue to put our values and beliefs in front of the American people and continue to have faith in our representative democracy. America always moves forward and in the next two years, we will have that opportunity for progress and we will take it. We must be hopeful and we must work towards the fulfillment of that hope. In America, one election can wrought great change and just as this election has, the next election can also.  This is America and we are most fortunate to be Americans, today, and tomorrow as well as yesterday.

    • aznew

      is add a frame at the end reading:

      “Unless we all get off our asses to vote and stop them”

      then we can use the same exact video.

    • VADEM

      Now that these elections are over, Democrats are focused on the upcoming legislative session. We can only hope that Governor McDonnell and the Republicans will do the right thing by putting politics aside and offering a serious agenda that will create jobs, improve education and fix our broken transportation system.

      alrighty then.


    • Old Redneck

      That’s easy — probably at wine-and-cheese tasting in Charlottesville.  God knows they never show up at a race in Bristol or Martinsburg, at a deer hunt in Bland County, or anywhere else that real people congregate.