Tea Party Patriot Panic


    Sunday afternoon is a test of loyalty. The Tea Party Patriots are hosting an event for incoming Congressional freshman. So is the GOP. The Tea Party has thrown down the gauntlet. Rachel Horn says she expects 40 new members who owe their seats to the Tea Party to attend.  

    Rachel Horn of the Tea Party Patriots says that if GOP freshmen members attend the RNC event over theirs, it will be “an early signal of how they’re going to be once they get into office.” – Fox News

    The RNC will hold its function at the Capitol Hill Club. The GOP event is moderated by former Education Secretary Bill Bennett. Senators Jim DeMint, (R- SC), and Tom Coburn (R-OK) are attending the Tea Party event.

    “Don’t Let Them Steal OUR New Members of Congress.” – Tea Party Action Alert

    • blue bronc

      The true, non-Koch Bros or Murdock supported Republicans, teaparty/teabagger Republicans are finding out they don’t have the power they thought they did. And this is about 8 weeks before they even are sworn in. At least they are aware enough to realize their true believers have been co-opted now rather than in two years. Or maybe it is the outsider pack is now realizing their efforts to create an anti-government majority is really a small minority of the Republican’s in power.

    • gene magruder

      The Tea Party is about to find out they haven’t got a chance in hell of changing Washigton D.C.  

    • As I told a friend once, I have great faith in the ability of Washington to corrupt pretty much anyone. (That isn’t a slam on DC, just a recognition that regional cultures are strong forces, and power and access are the coins of the realm in DC.)

    • Teddy Goodson

      for the show—- let’s see who shows up where, who tries to make both events, what they actually say about each other—- and what the TP does, not just now but over the long haul.

      I suspect the Republican Establishment will sail on, unruffled and, basically, unaccommodating, secure in the knowledge they’ve got the power (committee assignments, money, peer pressure). There will be a minor “hush puppie” thrown to the Tea Party, but on the whole it’s going to be a painful experience for some of the most earnest and naive new-style Mr-Smith-goes-to-Washington crowd.

      The difference may be that the TP will have the help of some formidable sitting members, like Senator DeMint, who will teach them how to bend with the wind, grovel for money in exchange for voting a certain way as required by the giver of the money, and doing that to get a tiny concession on some part of the TP agenda, and that “concession” will turn out to serve the monebags anyway, or it would not have been made. Tit for tat, the Way of the World. I see the scenario now. Hahahaha,.

    • blue bronc

      There should be some easy to remember/access examples of PO’d groups on right and left deciding to show up in the offices of their elected or in the galleries during session to demonstrate their PO’disness.

      Only this time the true believers believe that they have special rights according to the 2nd Amendment.  They proudly carried their shooters in public even at events with the president in attendance.  They are going to be really screaming as their lack of “power” sinks in.

    • Old Redneck

      My grandmother had a much younger sister who, I am told, had many boyfriends.  Now, in the 1920’s in SE LA, this was somewhat scandalous — but it was the origin of lots of great stories.

      One such story is that the young sister scheduled two dates too close together.  The two young men — one bringing her home, one picking her up — met in great-grandmother’s front yard, pulled their pistols, and the rest is a great family legend.

      So — do you suppose these clowns are going to their respective receptions packing heat?  How exciting would that be — a GOP SHOOT-OUT ON K STREET!!!  Last man standing gets a new pair of tasseled loafers and his own lobbying firm!!!

    • libra

      the competition to the Teabagging event is being organised by the Claremont Institute (not RNC). Or is there a third event scheduled at the same time?

      I find the idea that it’s the Claremont Institute (rather than the much blander RNC) pissing into the Tea Pot absolutely “delicious”. You may remember that Claremont Institute is the place where Pristine O’Donnell — the Teabaggers’ Delight — learnt all her political chops (by taking  a whole week of indoctrinating “classes”)…