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Time For Ken Cuccinelli To Mann Up & Apologize


Remember Edward Wegman, the George Mason University statistician whose climate denial was repeatedly cited by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli? The one who was under investigation on charges of plagiarism & inaccuracy?

The GMU investigation is still dragging on, but USA Today asked several scientists to review the allegations against Wegman. Their analysis was damning:

The plagiarism experts queried by USA TODAY disagree after viewing the Wegman report:

  • “Actually fairly shocking,” says Cornell physicist Paul Ginsparg by e-mail. “My own preliminary appraisal would be ‘guilty as charged.'” 
  • “If I was a peer reviewer of this report and I was to observe the paragraphs they have taken, then I would be obligated to report them,” says Garner of Virginia Tech, who heads a copying detection effort. “There are a lot of things in the report that rise to the level of inappropriate.”  
  • “The plagiarism is fairly obvious when you compare things side-by-side,” says Ohio State’s Robert Coleman, who chairs OSU’s misconduct committee.

If Ken Cuccinelli was a man, he’d apologize. To Michael Mann, the respected climate scientist whose work Cuccinelli has quixotically targeted. To Virginia taxpayers, for wasting their money on a political witch hunt. And to his own supporters for feeding them a steady stream of complete horse manure.

But Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t have a shred of honor or dignity in his body. I expect him to continue to ignore reality & continue flaunting the truth. For all of Republicans’ ranting against fraud & abuse, Ken Cuccinelli has no problem using your tax dollars to campaign for Sarah Palin’s affection on the 2012 Crazy Train Ticket.

  • He’s still licking his wounds from getting his butt kicked this weekend on his proposed fees for convention delegates, candidates, etc. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

  • kindler

    …means never having to say you’re sorry.

    Of course, Cooch will never admit wrongdoing, except maybe, like Robert S. McNamara, on his death bed when he’s hoping to get into heaven.  

    My hope, instead, is that the judge in the case finds him in contempt of court and orders him to pay, out of his own pocket, all court fees for his utterly frivolous and meritless case — and for wasting taxpayer money on bizarre conspiracy theories rather than actually doing his frickin’ job.

    And I also want to see Dems in the upcoming legislative session introduce articles of impeachment against this man, because he’s abused his office one too many times already.

  • who make progressive students think twice about attending GMU.  This guy, and the notorious Reaganomics Department, are what my tuition is paying for.