Bob McDonnell’s Entire Governorship Goes “Pffft”


    I mostly agree with the Washington Kaplan Post on this one, “Gov. McDonnell’s transportation plans amount to a whimper.” However, I’d go a step further: it’s not just McDonnell’s transportation “plan” that registers “a barely audible ‘pffft’,” it’s his entire governorship so far.

    Think about it for a minute. What has McDonnell accomplished in nearly a year as governor? Well, let’s see, his smoke-and-mirrors “plans” (who believed this crap?) for offshore oil drilling and privatizing ABC stores – major planks in his “plan” for “fixing” Virginia’s transportation mess – have completely crumbled to dust (as predicted). His corrupt Fred Malek-led “government reform” commission turned into a debacle, as predicted. He got slapped down on his attempt for two Metro board seats. He “balanced the budget” on the back of the Virginia Retirement System, federal “stimulus” money (which Republicans like McDonnell hypocritically claim to hate), and the usual funny Republican math. McDonnell also declared April as Confederate History Month, then was forced to quickly backtrack after a national uproar. McDonnell also has appointed corporate cronies to his cabinet and to boards, one of whom, Robert Sledd, helped kick off McDonnell’s administration with some rough…er, “Sledd-ing.” Finally, McDonnell’s Grand Inquisitor Attorney General (Cuccinelli as Savonarola, or vice versa?) has been busy running amok on anti-science witchhunts and the like, stealing all the right-wingnut thunder from McDonnell, and generally making McDonnell play second fiddle at best. This, in turn, has led a panic-stricken McDonnell’s desperate attempts to appear relevant, like “‘credit card’ Bob’s $3 billion dollar borrow-and-spend transportation mistake, 6,000% worse than his 47 million dollar’s worth of red ink for the now failed ABC-1 plan.”

    All in all, it’s been quite a first year in office for Pat Robertson’s Manchurian Candidate Governor. Can he top it in 2011? It will be tough, but stay tuned, and watch as McDonnell’s second year most likely goes “pffft” as well.

    P.S. It seems like Bob McDonnell should be the one crying, not John BONEr. Heh.

    UPDATE: Whoops, I forgot McDonnell’s big accomplishment of year #1 — wooing and subsidizing Steven Spielberg, not to mention corporate welfare for the wine and tourism industries.  Also, let’s not forget McDonnell’s triumphal claims of bringing jobs to Virginia via his pals at Northrop Grumman (again via large amounts of corporate welfare), all of which amounted to…yeah, you guessed it, cuts in Virginia jobs, plus a massive computer failure.  Pffft…

    • Dan Sullivan

      If he can’t finally get support for his ABC privitization plan after paying tens of thousands of dollars for a favorable study, then he really is incompetent. We’ll know in January.

      I am thinking he never pays more than the sticker price for a new car either.

    • robsmithiii

      governorship, to be sure.  However, for the past year, Virginia has moved to become #3 for job growth in the country.  About the only thing that he has been getting right is the “Bob’s for Jobs” schtick.  I can only be thankful that those jobs aren’t a part of a vast army of workers continuing to decapitate our mountains.

      That’s about it…

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Like most of the far-right Republicans, McDonnell coasted into office on promises to deliver great things for free…transportation solutions…100,000 new graduates from colleges…money gushing from oil wells off shore…end to “waste and abuse” in government…money welling up from ABC privatization…But, when “Santa” Bob dipped into his puny sack of presents, all he found were a few lumps of coal.

      It’s time for Virginia to face facts. Santa can’t give us roads and commuter trains for free. Santa can’t provide classrooms and professors to accommodate 100,000 more student without spending money. Santa CAN borrow against out children and grandchildren’s future to keep us from assuming the responsibilities we should, and that is Santa Bob’s new “present” for Virginia.  

    • Sandi Saunders

      Right on! This is just more of the same from Republicans who talk big and carry nothing.  Why people fall for this schtick is what baffles me.  Are people this stupid?  Maybe I have been giving them entirely too much credit.

    • Keep this until its needed when Republicans start to re-write history when Mr. Smiles tries to inflate his accomplishments to match up to Jefferson or Washington.

    • He restored my right to vote!  Otherwise yeah, his administration has been a failure.  But if the economy rebounds, you know he’ll get the credit for it.