Hear It From the Trenches


    The AFL-CIO has a new video about the extension of unemployment benefits that puts a face (or two, or three) on the recipients. Not, of course, that it will touch the hearts of died-in-the-wool Free Marketeering Republicans, but take a look:

    • Teddy Goodson

      is what they call it in the ad, not unemployment “benefits.” That seems much more descriptive, and it is freighted with moral value, whereas “benefits” has an altogether different connotation. What really frosts me is that Republicans (and those miserable excuses for human beings, Blue Dog Democrats) insist that these “benefits” must be paid for by cutting somewhere else, like say, future food stamps (?!)—- yet, they are quite willing to extend tax cuts for millionaires, which will cost $700 Billion and no one suggests that cost should be offset (by, haha, adding to the capital gains tax, for example?). And we still pretend we are a Great Nation.