Ken Kookinelli Makes Time Magazine, Entertaining Comments Ensue


    The Time Magazine article on Ken Cuccinelli itself isn’t particularly interesting, but the comments are rather entertaining. Here are a few good ones:

    *”The inmates have taken over the asylum.”

    *”The guy suffers from Blues Brothers Complex — he believes that he is on a mission from God.”

    *”Just another conservative nail in Americas coffin.”

    *”Or hopefully an American nail in the conservative coffin.”

    *”When does he get a job at Fox News?”

    *”While he finds the Westboro Baptist Church loathsome, he seems to share their attitude toward gay people.”

    *”As a life long Virginian I am embarassed by this nut case.”

    *”Anyone who spends a dime of my VA tax money covering up the breast on a the state seal should be fired immediately.”

    *”Very sad time in Virginia, the state of great thinkers and statesmen such as Jefferson, Madison, Washington. Cuccinelli is no Jefferson, Madison or Washington.”

    As for the article itself, I got a laugh out of Del. Dave Albo’s comment:

    “The thing on UVA was his own effort,” Dave Albo, a Fairfax delegate and a friend of Cuccinelli’s, told the Washington Examiner. “I agree with him on it. But would I have sued them or something? I don’t think so. If I was attorney general, I’d have other things to do.”

    Right, you “agree with him” on launching a witch hunt against a leading scientist, but you wouldn’t have done it yourself if you had been AG because you’d have “other things to do?” You mean, stuff like this or this? LOL