Photo of the Day: Eric Cantor and the “Birther”


    Now, just because Eric Can’tor is posing with crazy “Birther” queen Orly Taitz doesn’t mean he agrees with her regarding the supposed “question” of Barack Obama’s birth in Hawaii. Still, I do find it striking to see, as Salon describes it, “The incoming House majority leader rubs elbows with leading Birther conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz.” And why would Can’tor “friend” Taitz on Facebook, or accept her “friend” request?  That’s truly bizarre…unless, of course, Can’tor either a) is as incompetent on Facebook as he is in general; b) agrees with her; or c) is pandering to the 77% of Republicans who are not sure that Barack Obama was “definitely” born in the United States. Which, by the way, is the correct answer.

    h/t: OC Weekly, Salon, Wonkette, Virginia Politics blog

    • Dan Sullivan

      She is a poster child for cognitive dissonance.  

    • Cool_Arrow

      Which of the two have the biggest void between the ears? For me I’d have to go with Taitz as she likely believes the stuff that she says. Cantor is smart enough to confuse people gullible enough not to double check the facts and to muddy the waters enough that people are not sure what to believe. He has easily brainwashed tons of reasonably smart people. Most rational people believe Obama was born in the US and she is a moron.  

    • Back several months ago, documents filed in a suit against Taitz revealed that she and at least one of her male paralegals were using her dentist chair for something other than dental work.

      You don’t suppose Orly and Eric are . . . . OH!!!  OH!!!  HUSH YO’ MOUTH, CLEETUS

    • Steve Vaughan

      He’s too bright to believe something like that, but certainly not too ethical to exploit other people’s belief in nonsense. After all he’s a supply sider.

    • corinthian

      Ugh. I hoped to go through life without ever knowing what Orly Taitz looked like… Pretty much what I expected, though: A sleeveless Phyllis Schlafly.