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President Obama Gets a “C” Grade from Blue Virginia Readers


This (unscientific) poll was taken over the past few days, and includes only registered Blue Virginia readers who chose to respond. So, of course, take it with a huge grain of salt. With that, the average GPA is about 2.3, which is basically a “C” grade for President Obama so far. “F” votes outweighed “A” votes 5-2, while “C” and “D” votes trailed “B” votes by only a small margin, 39-32. So that’s where we’re at, just 2 years after RK was “Obama Cantral” in Virginia, when I’m confident that Obama would have gotten almost unanimous “A” ratings from our readers. What happened? For comparison purposes, Gallup has Obama’s approval rating about flat for the past year (it was 47%-46% on December 9, 2009).

  • Hugo Estrada

    I bet the grades will be much lower this time around.

  • leedynamo

    I give him an incomplete.  He has such a difficult job, I wish people would try to exercise some restraint.

  • This isn’t horrible, it’s average (or so my teenage son insists to me all the time.)

    For me personally, it isn’t, at heart, the decisions that he makes.  I can live with a lot of gray area when it comes to deciding what is the “best” decision for any given problem.  That doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed, disappointed or frustrated when certain decisions are made, but I don’t pretend that I have access to all of the information or expertise that the executive branch does, and also, I belong to a party that isn’t knee-jerk reactionary in its response to almost anything.  (It’s both our strength and our weakness.)

    But there is something that is going on, has been going on, that upsets me profoundly.  I feel like I’m out of the loop.  And that’s bizarre.  I’m a loyal Dem, politically active, information-addicted, political junkie, and half the time, I still feel as though I have NO IDEA why certain decisions have been made.  And I don’t feel that anyone is communicating this to me.  And I’ve felt like this time, and time, and time again the past few years.  It’s not only personally frustrating, but it’s a political disaster.  I’m someone who talks to people — A LOT!  (Family failing.)  I’m someone who uses words and ideas to communicate with people I know.  If I can’t put Democratic decisions into context, how on earth do I think someone who is working two jobs, raising several children, taking care of an elderly parent, struggling to make ends meet, etc, is going to?  (And no, that isn’t implying that “real Americans” can’t do it, just that if I make this one of my daily top ten priorities, I don’t expect that someone who might watch a little news or glance at a paper should be put in that position.)

    So that’s what bugs me.  

  • kindler