Sen. Webb: “I commend President Obama for his leadership” on Tax Deal


    Just received this from Sen. Webb’s office. Interesting contrast with what Mark Warner and Jim Moran have said.

    Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) today issued the following statement regarding the Framework Agreement on Middle Class Tax Cuts and Unemployment Insurance:

    “I commend President Obama for his leadership in forging this agreement. The framework agreement for tax cuts and extended unemployment insurance shows great promise in reinvigorating our economy and putting people back to work.  The proposal is the ultimate stimulus plan. It will put more money directly into the pockets of people and small businesses, allowing that money to be quickly recycled as the economy expands. It will provide greater certainty for business and investment planning and extend several programs that effectively serve working Americans and lower-income families.  Failing to act now will result in higher taxes for almost all Americans starting on January 1st – an unacceptable result for an economy that remains fragile and in danger of further job losses.

    “No one will agree with every provision in the proposed agreement.  The simple reality is that the American people, and particularly those who are out of work, cannot afford to wait while politics-as-usual blocks an effective, bipartisan plan to stimulate the economy and restore growth.”


    • somethingblue

      I’d have predicted that Webb would say more or less what Warner said, and vice versa. But I don’t know what any of these guys stand for anymore, so what do I know?

    • The “Ultimate stimulus plan?”  Uh, no.  Not even close.  We haven’t begun reshaping America’s energy grid, for instance.  We aren’t bringing internet access into every American home (as we did with Rural Electric.)  Those would be proposals that would create jobs (especially in areas that don’t have many options) as well as doing something that moves America forward.

      I’m all for giving people, especially those at the lower ends of the economic spectrum, more money in their pockets.  I do think that as a result of this plan we can hope that the economy does not get any worse (at least in the short term).  But the idea that this is going to “create 600,000 jobs” (to quote Obama) or calling this the “ultimate stimulus plan” (to quote Webb) is simply insulting.

      I can live with ideological differences (even between Democrats), but I can’t stand being patronized.

    • Jim Webb Dem

      I commend Senator Webb …. and gosh he too seems to be pragmatic about getting something done.

      NO one knows better then Senator Webb … of the frustration of working through an ideologically rigid and spiteful Republican Senate. Early on he spoke about the problem of the filibuster and its misuse by the Republican minority.

      There’s plenty that needs to be reformed on Capitol Hill …. what’s important is that Democrats take the initiative on performance (and reform) as our President has done and force the Republicans to offer workable alternatives.

      Jim Webb will run for re-election if Judicial Reform has not progressed sufficiently…. but don’t be surprised if he isn’t tapped for Secretary of Defense.

      Meanwhile …. if the blogo-sphere isn’t happy with what’s been going down …. then maybe its great activism can be re-focused on getting great people elected in the next go around.

    • leedynamo

      Since we got him elected I can understand a certain amount of frustration with him.  But as usual Warner is the jerk.  For a VA Democrat to be supporting Obama on taxes is something we should appreciate.  People like Warner and Landrieu are posturing.

      Sherrod Brown & Sanders are people I appreciate, but we’re not gonna win this one.  I think we have to pick a future battlefield.