Senate Ratifies START Treaty, 9/11 First Responders Health Care Bill


    The Senate vote on the START treaty, held just a few minutes ago, was 71-26, with all 26 “nay” votes from the Republican’t Party. In other great news from this extremely productive “lame duck” Congress, the Senate a little while ago also passed the 9/11 health care bill – free health care for 9/11 first responders – by unanimous consent (although only after overcoming days of Republican obstructionism on this seemingly non-controversial piece of legislation).

    So…since we seem to be on a roll here, how about putting a national, renewable energy standard up for a vote?  One more try on the DREAM Act? Hey, you never know!

    By the way, all this productivity seems to be helping President Obama politically. According to a new poll for CNN, Americans by a 59%-37% margin say that Obama’s “doing enough to cooperate with Republicans in Congress.” In contrast, by a 68%-28% margin, Americans say that Republicans are not doing enough to cooperate with President Obama.  Also, by a 46%-28% margin, Americans blame Republicans more than Democrats “for the lack of cooperation between the two parties in Washington.”  Finally, Americans view Democrats equally (47%-47%) in terms of favorable/unfavorable, while Republicans are at 42%-50% (-8 points) favorable/unfavorable. All in all, it looks like Republican obstructionism isn’t paying off for them right now, while Democrats appear to be reaping the rewards for actually getting s*** done for America.  What a concept! 🙂

    • Steve Vaughan

      has always been a winning political platform. That’s really what real people — not political junkies ..want. They don’t care about left, right, conservative, liberal, progressive, big government, little government, free market, public sector, private sector, all that crap the chattering classes waste so much time on. They just want solid achievements for America.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, then the GOP is ready for the booby hatch. Newt “I love interns, too” Gingrich engineered the shut-down of the federal government and it back-fired. Now, the Republicans have used every obstructionist trick they can think of to stop action in Washington. The poll tells the story of how that has worked.

    • blue bronc

      These two bills reversed a year of garbage from the R’s. With the Dems never getting a message put together that would save the seats this past week put the R’s message out there.

      Just the tone of the message was disgusting, screw 9/11 responders – they should pay for their own care – it costs too much and besides they didn’t have to go in there.

      START, sure everybody including the Russians want this, but we are still fighting a war that ended twenty years ago.  If this is good for Obama and our country is going to hell, so much the better.

      We should never have been here, Christmas is too important to bother with nuclear security of those damned nuisance fire fighters from New York.  Let ’em talk to their own people.

      Damned gays, our red blooded young men, out there in combat fighting for Xe and the American way will get distracted by a gay guy and get his head blown off.  (why a straight guy would be wanting to have sex with a gay guy in a firefight is beyond me).

      Obama fooled us  and took advantage of us. (This is one that I cannot figure out, considering Obama gave the R’s all the tax cuts they wanted and started the defunding of Social Security, which the R’s have wanted from the mid 1930’s – it is like they had too much fun in the cloakroom and are befuddled)

      And New Years day is sacred too.

      All of this was straightline reported. The Dems have had very little impact with they bashing being reported.  The R’s have done this to themselves.  I suppose the old song of “give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves” is what happened here.  And the results are good.

    • The Donkey

      was by a long shot the most important thing this very productive Congress has done, or will ever do.

      It was more important than the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; more important than health care; more important than financial industry reform; more important than DADT.

      Congratulations President Obama: this was a master stroke.

      Congratulations democrats: it looks like the worm has turned for you.

      Congratulations everybody: the world as we know it gets to continue to exist!


    • robsmithiii

      method to the madness.  Cooperation (i.e. bucking the trend) is more important in the public eyes than just victory now.  I think the President is on the right path and I think we owe him patience instead of being so quick to jump ship.  He’s got a solid team working for him.

    • “Getting S*** Done”