Video: President Obama Signs DADT Repeal Into Law


    A great day in American history. Thank you President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid, and everyone else – grassroots activists in particular – who fought for this moment. Today, we have moved one step closer to an America where every citizen is treated equally – not better, not worse – under the law. I only wish the process would move faster, but for now, let’s celebrate this milestone.

    • My biggest hope when we were debating/caving on the tax cut bill was that by giving Republicans their biggest wish (tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans) we would break the stagnant, dysfunctional culture that permeated the Congress.  My own personal markers were the passing of DADT and START, and both have passed.  Not to mention the food bill, and even judicial appointments have started to ease up.

      So I go into 2011 with some hope after all!  Who would have thought?