Chap Petersen: Virginia House of Delegates Considers “Secession”


    Strong words from Sen. Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax City).

    Meanwhile, the House took a trip back in time to the 19th century yesterday with its passage of the “repeal” amendment which sets up a procedure by which states can “nullify” (my word) Federal laws, i.e. by having 2/3 of the state legislatures vote to repeal the Federal law.

    The fact that this process of states’ nullifying Federal laws was tested in 1831 and then re-tested in 1861 seems lost on my good friends in the House.

    (To ask an obvious question — if 2/3 of state legislatures disagree with a Federal law, why not use that clout to elect new members of Congress or a new President?)

    Incidentally, and not coincidentally, the 19th century Presidents who defeated the “nullifiers” — Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln — are celebrated in history as two of our greatest Presidents and the fathers of the modern-day Democratic and Republican parties.

    Fortunately, the shelf life of this bad idea in Senate will be about 150 minutes.

    Craaaaaazy. Thanks to Chap for calling this out for what it really is – and attempt to repeat the “process of states’ nullifying Federal laws [that] was tested in 1831 and then re-tested in 1861.”

    P.S. Chap’s Ox Road South article is entitled, “Senate Promotes Exercise, House Considers Secession.”

    • fuzed

      but when those Feds offer health care, damn their evil and thet should be stopped.  

    • Teddy Goodson

      rampant in both the legislatures in Washington , D.C., and Richmond—- but in both cases we have a sensible, adult Senate which will, one hopes, rein in this remarkable spate of excess.

      Do you suppose one reason the lunatics are running wild like mean kids is that they know their adult Senatorial supervisors will save them from themselves? In other words, they run riot, secure in the knowledge that there are limits—- they get to have their temper tantrum, but it will all turn out okay because mommy and daddy will call a halt in the nick of time. It’s either that, or, even worse, they really mean it, and are intent on destroying the country.