Davis, Mumpower Both Lose Special Elections


    Both of the special election races today were tough ones, in generally strong Republican districts, and a win by either Democrat running – Hank Davis in the 19th State Senate district or Ginger Mumpower in the 8th House of Delegates district – would have been an extremely pleasant surprise. Also, if either Democrat had won, it would have meant a pickup for the “blue team.” In the end, though, (sadly) it was not to be. Here are the results from the State Board of Elections.

    State Senate 19th District

    William M. Stanley, Jr. (R): 10,287 (61.42%)

    Henry A. “Hank” Davis (D): 6,430 (38.39%)

    House of Delegates 8th District

    Gregory D. Habeeb (R): 6,569 (63.52%)

    Ginger R. Mumpower (D): 3,747 (36.23%)

    Thanks to both Hank Davis and Ginger Mumpower for running, sorry it didn’t turn out better!

    • Would have been nice to win, but mostly I’m glad we competed.  And I thank both Davis and Mumpower for stepping up.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Democrats at least fielded a candidate in each race, no thanks to the state establishment party members. (Well, Brian Moran did come in on Saturday…better late than never.) Both of these races were undertaken by local and regional party leadership. The campaigns ran on a shoestring and were facing opponents with big money, much of it coming from outside PACS. Plus, both Republicans had chaired party organizations in their respective areas.

      My thanks to Ginger Mumpower and Hank Davis for running and showing that there is a Democratic party alive and well in two GOP-dominated districts. I also was impressed by how the state Farm Team group supported Ginger with volunteer help.

      When we don’t field candidates, we guarantee that we lose and give the impression that we don’t even have a presence in some parts of the state. Every race we undertake trains more people in how to conduct races and also has the potential to win. Sometimes, we need to see things as building for the future, as having long-term payoffs.