House GOP Prepares to Override Wishes of 70%+ of Americans on Health Care


    This week, House Republican’ts are planning to vote on repealing health care reform legislation. Of course, the whole thing’s a charade, for two reasons: 1) it has no chance of getting through the Senate or being signed into law by President Obama; 2) Republicans have no health care plan of their own (not counting the one they’re about to vote on, which is largely modeled after the Republicans’ 1993/94 alternative to what they called “Hillarycare”).

    But be that as it may, Republicans are moving ahead on their promise to their base, that they will stop the dastardly “Obamacare” (even though it will disproportionately help many of those very people). One of the Republican’t main arguments is that health care reform is unpopular with the “American people,” that the “American people” want to repeal it. Well, guess what? That’s a complete lie according to the polling. In fact:

    1. Marist finds only 30% of Americans wanting to “repeal it completely”, while 35% actually want it to do more than it currently does.

    2. A new poll by AP-GfK finds only 26% of Americans wanting to “repeal it completely,” while 19% want to “leave it as is” and 43% want to “change it so that it does MORE to change the health care system.”

    All of which means that, later this week, House Republican’ts will vote to override the wishes of 70% or more of Americans, in order to satisfy the 26%-30% of Americans who constitute the hard-core Teapublican “base.” Just remember that when you hear their outrageously incorrect rhetoric – no doubt that goes unchallenged by the corporate hack media – that “the American people” want to “repeal Obamacare” (it’s not “Obamacare” either; again, it’s mostly NOT “Obamacare,” but instead it’s very close to the 1993/1994 Republican alternative health care plan, which is probably why so many Americans want to change it so it does more than it currently does!).

    • VADEM

      don’t get why the media is making such a huge deal about this. It will die in the Senate and/or Obama will never sign such a bill. Their only hope is to defund it. What the dems and the media should be shouting is what is their plan for the 50M folks with no insurance. Simple answer- no plan. They ouldn’t care less about us with no insurance or available health care. I suppose they are hoping we’ll just go off and die. That should be the story.

    • normanva

      in the alternate reality of the republican party, I would guess that the hard-core Teapublicans actually are thought of as the “real” American people.  The rest of us are nothing but a combination of immigrants, liberals, commies, and socialists that happen to live here.