LeMunyon’s Lemon


    I thought it worth commenting on Jim LeMunyon’s bill to shift the responsibility for toll increases on the Dulles toll road to the Loudoun and Fairfax County Boards.

    The article is here: http://bit.ly/hPlkwb.

    I think everyone in Loudoun would agree that we need lower tolls on the Dulles Toll Road.  But, we also all want the Silver Line in Loudoun. So how do we balance the two priorities to make sure everyone can make it home for dinner on time for the foreseeable future?  

    In his haste to shift the political blame in an election year for the currently untenable schedule of toll increases to the local boards, LeMunyon fails to articulate any strategic vision for how the state continues to fund its portion of the Silver Line. Ultimately both the toll road and the Silver Line are key parts to building a better transportation future in the county.

    This is the typical Richmond GOP…use the specter of ‘tax increases’ to scare voters and score political points while conveniently avoiding any responsibility for filling the void with any creative solutions that can provide long term relief.

    • biscottiladi

      State funding of transportation is an important issue, but the bill has another purpose:  Take into account the effects of toll pricing on regional congestion reduction in Northern Virginia.  We don’t do that today, and it’s a must if the Greenway, Toll Road, and Dulles Rail are to be fully utilized so that they make major contributions to reducing congestion in the years ahead.

      –Jim LeMunyon