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Tea Party Leader Gloats Over Tucson Massacre


Tea Partiers – and the Republican Party, which has fully embraced the Tea Party movement – keep wondering why everyone keeps tying their violent rhetoric to actual incidents of violence.

That argument was not helped tonight by Nigel Coleman. The Danville Tea Party leader, who posted the address of Rep. Tom Perriello’s brother to his Facebook page just hours before the gas line at that home was cut, is now having a good laugh about the Tucson massacre:

Tea Party Leader Gloats Over Tucson Massacre

Look, we learned exactly how tough Nigel Coleman is when he shamefully sold out his alleged principles boldly endorsed that overprivileged Manhattanite rebel Robert Hurt for Congress.

Does Nigel Coleman understand how real men talk to each other & accomplish their goals? Did Ronald Reagan or John Warner ever have to threaten anyone to win the day? What a sad, pathetic excuse for a man Nigel Coleman is.  

  • somethingblue

    when the Tucson shooting was first reported, everyone immediately assumed that the shooter was a Unitarian angry at the demise of the Public Option and influenced by irresponsible rhetoric from Jon Stewart and E.J. Dionne.

  • Catzmaw

    There’s something wrong with this guy if he can’t see how inappropriate his comments are at this time.  A normal person wouldn’t say such a thing.  

  • aznew

    For some entertainment, head on over to Bearing Drift and read what is going on there.

    In an effort to defend the violent imagery and rhetoric that seems to define the mainstream of the Right Wing these days, they are suggesting that the store Target is violent imagery on par with Sarah Palin putting rifle targets over members of Congress, GOP candidates shooting guns at targets with their opponents initials on them, threats that if they don’t get their way at the ballot box they will resort to violence, and dozens of other example of mainstream GOP and Conservative LEADERS using this kind of rhetoric in furtherance of their political goals. they have taken examples of the most extreme left wing hate (none of which is acceptable), and offered it as a counterpoint to the violent rhetoric spewing from Palin, Bachman, et al.

    I mean, the argument is absurd, and apparently even their own acolytes are buying it. Comment posting is sparse, beyond them building each other up, and to the extent there are comment, they seem to be getting some pushback, and I don’t mean from Liberals.

    Other wll-read Conservative blogs in Virginia seem to have wise chosen to sit this one out or take a more measured response.

    I know that Bearing Drift fancies themselves the preeminent Conservative blog in Virginia, and in some ways I suppose they are, but I sincerely do not think they are acquitting themselves well in their response to this tragedy. I know they think they are mounting an aggressive campaign to defend the right wing against what they perceive as unfair attacks, but that is not the case. they are coming across as extreme, lashing out, and unwilling to engage on the merits of the discussion at all.

    Indeed, they shut down discussion on a thread yesterday in which I was participating because they thought my position “obnoxious.” It wasn’t. In fact, they had asked me to debate the issue on their blog, and I was respectful in all my postings there. Don’t take my word for it — read the thread for yourself (It’s the one slamming Miles).

    More significantly, they pride themselves on their connections to mainstream politicians in Virginia, in particular Gov. McDonnell. If I were Gov. McDonnell, or a Republican in Virginia seriously thinking about statewide office,  however, I’d be careful about aligning myself with some of the hateful, violent and eliminationist rhetoric that seems to have taken hold  over there.

    Truly sad.