Tim Kaine: No Primary Challenge to Obama; He Will Stay as DNC Chair


    According to Tim Kaine this morning on CNN:

    *”…the likelihood of any challenge to the president is virtually nil, and I think the president’s strong performance, and especially the three major accomplishments at the end of the year make it even smaller”

    I agree, it’s totally silly to think any serious Democrat would challenge President Obama, given all he’s accomplished the last 2 years and also given his strength in the polls relative to past presidents after mid-term elections and also vis-a-vis potential 2012 Republican opponents.

    *President Obama is “not going to play ‘mother may I’ with the Republicans,” but “if the Republicans are willing to work as they did at the end of that lame-duck session, I think we will see productive efforts in a number of ways.”


    *”Kaine also said for the first time that he intends to stay on as DNC chair for another two-year term, adding that he looks forward to being the president’s ‘advocate and promoter.'”

    Interesting, I had thought there might be a shakeup at the DNC, with Tim Kaine possibly becoming a cabinet secretary or ambassador or something. Apparently not!

    • Monty Python style.

      I don’t disagree that that the DNC serves a big role as being the president’s “advocate and promoter” but it is also a LOT more than that.  And all of the “that” is what I’ve felt was missing the past two years, and I’m sorry to say that I don’t see anything new to reassure me that the DNC is going to “be all that” in the years to come!

    • VADEM

      keep everyone in their current jobs and wait for another slaughter in 2012.

      We need Howard Dean at the DNC again to kick some major rethug ass in 2012.

    • hokieguru

      And don’t be mad at me, but… I see Kaine’s performance as a D- and a D at best.

      Tim Kaine should have been fired right when Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat was lost.  It is ridiculous that Democrats lost that seat (this is a scenario similar to the Republicans losing a seat in Idaho).  Kaine should have been out of the leadership role months ago.  

      Obama had the perfect opportunity to reassign Kaine to become the Ambassador to Spain (which Kaine would have accepted in a second… perfect for him… and ambassadorial vacancies can be filled quickly… easy to transfer the existing individual in and out).

      To shake things up, Obama should have hired Terry McAuliffe.  TMac can raise money and is great at playing the bad cop when you need one (we all know Obama likes playing the good cop).  We need someone in there who can be tough and I don’t think that Kaine has that.  I’m not impressed with Kaine’s performance in the DNC at all and I think this is kind of troubling to me that we are going down this path again.

    • MorrisMeyer

      I think these sentiments need to be sent to the White House directly.  The President needs to know we have no confidence in the current DNC chairman.

      Additionally, these letters need to be sent to the Washington Post.

      Finally, a full page ad on the back page of the A section in the Washington Post is $30K.

      As Democrats we cannot afford another two years like 2009-2010.  I was on the OFA-DNC call right after the election and the message was clear – re-elect the President and keep the Democrats that we have in the House and Senate. NO word of getting back the House, Governorships, expanding the playing field to keep the Senate.