Video: Jim Webb Says GOP Health Care Repeal Effort is Mostly About “Political Payback”


    Here’s more video from this morning’s Business Leaders Breakfast with Chap Petersen and Jim Webb. In this installment, Sen. Webb has some comments on health care reform and the GOP effort to repeal it. According to Webb, he voted with Republicans “17 times” on healthcare reform, so he agrees that the legislation isn’t perfect. But, Webb adds, much of the repeal effort is “political payback” to the people who voted for Republicans this time around. The fact is, according to Webb, “Nobody believes, really, that health care reform writ large is going to be repealed,” although there are parts that “do need to be fixed.” Instead, according to Webb, this is mainly a matter of Republicans getting it “out of [their] system.” Hopefully, after that’s over with, we can get down to working together and governing.

    UPDATE: See the “flip” for video of Sen. Webb speaking on one of his favorite topics, criminal justice reform. According to Webb, this is a totally bipartisan issue – even Newt Gingrich and Bob McDonnell support prison reform, plus “100 different organizations” from across the political spectrum, according to Webb – that should be passed, but is being held up by the Senate’s paralysis. Thanks to Webb for his hard work on this important issue; hopefully, this will actually happen in 2011!

    • Mike1987

      stop flapping lips and get to work leading. Fix what is wrong with the healthcare law. Lead!, you and Senator Warner get together and with a couple of Republicans who have NOT lost their minds, set out to fix the problem areas.  Either that or leave the Senate.  

      This Commonwealth for too long has had silent leaders, quietly sitting in the background chewing on their nails. Well, stand up and be counted. I am a middle class democrat and liberal and dam proud of it. But I also ran a business and was in the military, so enough with the chit-chat and commence to do’n. You have two years to prove you are more than “potential”.