Home National Politics Bobby Scott Demolishes Ken Cuccinelli on Supposed “Mandate”

Bobby Scott Demolishes Ken Cuccinelli on Supposed “Mandate”


This is great; observe as a master of logic and fact – Bobby Scott – utterly demolishes smug ideologue and extremist Ken Kookinelli. It’s great to see someone reveal Cooch’s lawsuit as being an utter waste of time and taxpayer money. Thank you Bobby Scott!!

  • Charles Stanton

    I have been pointing out for a year that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is as much a mandate as buying a house.

    Two identical families making 50k, one rents and one buys a house, which pays more in taxes??? The renter who chooses to rent over the family who deducts mortgage interest and property taxes. There is no mandate to buy a house, but a tax “penalty” for those who don’t. There is not difference and NO MANDATE… Gosh, we lose a messaging war once again, go figure.

  • pontoon
  • I’ve watched this video three times — it’s that much fun to watch ol’ Kooky get beat like a borrowed mule!!  I mean, I wouldn’t whup a cur dog as bad as Scott whupped Kooky!!

    Of course, there is a problem.  Scott used reason, logic, and facts to destroy Cuccinelli.  Cuccinelli is not interested in reason, logic, or facts.  By filing the suit, he solidified his position with the radical right and that’s all he wanted to do.  

    Whether it’s Cuccinelli, Palin, Bachman, Boehner, Gingrich, or any of the other radical rightwingers, we are not dealing with people who are interested in reason, logic, and fact.  Furthermore, the Teahadists and Republicans aren’t interested in reason, logic, and fact.  We are dealing here with crazy people