Draft Tom Perriello Petition Up


    Check it out and sign!

    Now that Jim Webb has announced his decision not to run for reelection to the U.S. Senate in 2012, Virginia Democrats are turning their thoughts to who might be the best candidate to replace him on the ballot.  With that in mind, we would strongly argue that there is nobody more respected, principled, honest, intelligent, hard-working, and courageous than Tom Perriello.  As the Roanoke Times editorial page wrote after Perriello’s defeat in 2010, “Perriello lost at the polls Tuesday, but in his single term in the House, he showed the character the country needs in its leaders, and so rarely gets.” In that same editorial, the Roanoke Times added, “Perriello took political risks to do what he was convinced was right for the people he represented — a quality voters say they want, but are not inclined to reward. It cost him his seat, but secured his reputation as a man of integrity and grit, willing to elevate the public good over personal ambitions.”

    For all of those reasons and more, we strongly support Tom Perriello for U.S. Senate in 2012. We urge him to run, and we urge everyone – Democrats, Independents, and reasonable Republicans – to support him!

    UPDATE: I just received a statement from Tom Perriello spokesperson Anna Scholl.

    Tom wants to thank Senator Webb for his populist leadership that, no doubt, will continue in countless forms in the years ahead. Tom is returning tomorrow from some overseas work related to Egypt and the Darfur peace talks, and looks forward to talking to folks at home, and connecting with Kaine, Warner and other Virginians to figure out the best way forward for the party as we fight to protect this crucial seat.

    • Perriello is the real deal and can debate Allen into the floor.

      He’s unafraid to defend his votes.

      I just hope the NoVa OFA groups don’t fall behind someone else.

    • pontoon

      Count me in!

    • George Jefferson Davis

      This made it’s way to me a few months ago. I think it’d be easier for Tom to fan out into Nova/HR than for a Crescent Dem to figure out SW/Central.


    • AnonymousIsAWoman

      Unfortunately, my computer hiccuped and I signed twice.  I sincerely hope that doesn’t throw both my signatures out.  I think he would be a wonderful candidate.  He’s smart, principled, and unafraid to stand up for working Americans.

    • aznew

      Brian Buetler writes:

      “A Democratic source close to Perriello tells me ‘Tom has not made any decisions yet about the future and is keeping his options open.'”


    • Mike1987

      I would think he would be the stronger candidate.

    • sallybee

      …between Deeds and Perriello.  I don’t dislike Creigh but he is no Tom Perriello.  The election is almost 2 years away.  He would have plenty of time to improve name recognition.  

      If the nominee is Tim Kaine, I have no complaints.  I would support him without reservation.  He obviously would be a far better senator than George Allen.

    • Paradox13VA

      I’m in for drafting Tom. Absolutely in.

      • George Jefferson Davis

        It’s kind of funny to think that we’d “draft” Tom Perriello. He seems like the kind of guy that looks for an opportunity to serve and be helpful at any given moment, and if this looks like one of those moments to him, I think he’d jump in with both feet.  

    • Jim Webb Dem

      He’s “authentic” in his own right … has appeal beyond the immediate party and could AMP up the crucial issue of Judicial Reform as a major campaign theme.

      It would be like passing the torch from author Webb to author Grisham.

    • lhworley

      As governor he was weak and misguided on public education, pushed pre-K without anticipating how it might impact K-12 funding which was already massively underfunded and took for granted those who helped him get elected in the first place.  He has also been ineffective as DNC chair.  I think Kaine needs to take a hiatus.

      Perriello did a fantastic job in the House…too bad those in the 5th CD didn’t appreciate his hard work and dedication…I believe the majority of the Commonwealth will.

    • Desenada

      Tired of seeing anti-choice candidates cast as progressive heroes.  Not a chance I’ll try to draft Tom Perriello.  He voted for Stupak-Pitts.  Brilliant, otherwise good guy, to be sure, but he is not the answer for women.

    • lhworley

      That is exactly how I heard Perriello explain his position on abortion in 2008 during several campaign events.  I was one of Perriello’s constituents and I strongly believe in a right to choose.  However, I personally would never make that choice nor do I want tax dollars funding such a choice.  Perriello’s point of view and his voting record is not anti-abortion.  He simply believes that we should do whatever we can to reduce the number of abortions in America without interfering with a woman’s right to choose and without using public funds to pay for abortions.