GMU Democrats Oppose Anti-Immigrant HB1465


    (Good for the GMU Democrats. I would hope that ALL Democratic committees, organizations, and individuals would condemn the nasty, xenophobic scapegoating we’re seeing in the Virginia General Assembly right now.   – promoted by lowkell)

    At our meeting last night, the College Democrats at George Mason University discussed a recent bill, HB1465, which would force colleges to check students’ immigration status and to deny enrollment to undocumented students. The bill passed the House with the support of 15 Democrats and is on to the Senate today. The text of the resolution is below:

    George Mason Democrats Strongly Reject Anti-Immigrant HB1465

    Resolution Passed February 15, 2011

    Whereas, the George Mason Democrats support a public college system that is open to all Virginia residents;

    Whereas, President Barack Obama and the George Mason Democrats support the DREAM Act which would create a path to citizenship for immigrants who earn college degrees;

    Whereas, HB 1465 goes in the opposite direction of the DREAM Act by forcing colleges and universities to actively bar undocumented immigrants from enrolling;

    Whereas, all immigrants (legal or not) pay out-of-state tuition costs to attend Virginia’s colleges and are thus not competing with other Virginians;

    Whereas, this legislation and other bills work to create a hostile atmosphere for all immigrants in Virginia;

    Whereas, the Platform of the Democratic Party of Virginia opposes the bill’s intent by stating

    “We support the efforts of immigrant families to send their children to Virginia’s institutions of higher learning, so that the students will become productive citizens and part of the workforce of tomorrow. We support measures that afford to students fair and equal access to Virginia colleges and universities.”  

    Now, therefore, be it resolved that the George Mason Democrats are disappointed that the House passed HB 1465, and urge the Senate to vote against the bill.

    • Isaac Sarver

      Virginia Young Democrats also included this bill in our legislative agenda a few weeks ago during our annual Lobby Day in Richmond. Members from every corner of the state spoke with legislators to record our opposition to this bill.  

    • DanielK

      The “discussion” about how one person “supported” this bill was like talking to a wall with the exception being I think the wall’s silence would have been more intelligent.  I know I haven’t always agreed with everything Democrats have done with immigration and enforcement but these type of bills serve no purpose and if anything puts children of illegal immigrants in positions to where they cannot better themselves to become productive members of our society.  I look at this from a law enforcement standpoint in that education is the one thing that is missing in many of those people who get in trouble with the law.  We should not prevent anyone with the means and abilities to get a higher education no matter who they are.  I’m still from the school of thought that we need to go after those illegal immigrants who are committing crimes and not doing anything to be productive members of the society they wish to be a part of.

      Sadly, this could be viewed as the beginning of a slippery slope that could then go after foreign born students who are in the country legally because they could potentially “take spots away” from American children.