Jim Gilmore Calls Many GOP 2012 Candidates “Clowns”


    Does this fall into the “takes one to know one” category or what?!?

    …one prominent GOPer, former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore, blasted many of the potential Republican candidates, calling them “clowns” who engage in “political theater” and who “place more emphasis on flamboyance than they do on thinking and policy and trying to make more serious proposals.


    …Asked by an audience member whether he thought the 2012 contenders have what it takes to turn around the country, Gilmore had this to say:

    Here at CPAC, you have seen a lot of people running for president. I guess you’ve seen seven or eight. I made my personal list; it was 23 and I stopped counting. Some of them are real, some of them statements, some of them clowns. And that is the reality.

    The fact is, many of the people running for president are running for their own self-interest. Because they want to be something.”

    LOL, gotta love it. Also, with comments like this, 2012 is looking to be an extremely entertaining political cycle — if you’re a Democrat, that is, and enjoy watching Republicans engage in a circular firing squad between the completely nuts and the mostly nuts. More popcorn, please! 🙂

    UPDATE: Speaking of the “clowns,” here are the results from the CPAC convention straw poll.

    1. Ron Paul: 30%

    2. Mitt Romney: 23%

    3. Others: way back, in the single digits

    • NotJohnSMosby

      when it comes to spotting clowns and performing political theater, he has the expertise to judge others so.  He’s been a clown and has been performing political theater (No Car Tax!) for decades.

    • kindler

      BTW, is it true that they’re planning to change the name of the CPAC conference to “NegativityFest”, or is that simply an ugly rumor that I just made up?

    • Dan Sullivan

      But a convenient relief valve for frustrated clowns who think they have a voice. The joke is on them.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Meaning of the acronym: “Convention of Paranoid, Angry Crazies”

      And, note that Jim Gilmore was in attendance.

    • About half of the people who attended the conference were under 30, which was really noticeable to anyone who was on the Metro yesterday. I happened to be using Metro to go to the rally outside the Egyptian Embassy yesterday and I was surrounded by folks going to the convention both going to and from the event. Also, not only did I see tons of Ron Paul buttons (which makes sense since he won the straw poll), but I saw one couple wearing buttons for Mitt Romney and saw hardly any for the other candidates.