McDonnell: It Would “Probably” Be Tough to Turn Down VP Offer


    Translation of this interview: if the Republican presidential nominee in 2012 asks Bob McDonnell to be his or her running mate, he’s doing it. The question is, would McDonnell step down as governor and hand it off to Bill Bolling, in part to help fulfill the deal the two of them cut to forestall a McDonnell-Bolling battle for the 2009 nomination. And, of course, in this scenario, the BIG question mark would be Ken Cuccinelli; would he take on then-Governor Bolling in a battle for the 2013 nomination, run for AG again, or something else?  Stay tuned…

    • Venu

      on a L.G. who ascends to Governor running for the post. Doesn’t that technically involve a Governor “succeeding himself”?  

    • He couldn’t even with the Tea Party straw poll in his own state!  

    • Teddy Goodson

      and his ego think the most appropriate use of his talents would be as candidate for US vice-president—- and one-up his Governor?

    • Say What

      has a big ego Governor and a saying …. “Big Hat but NO Cattle”.

      Here in Virginia our Governor can claim the mantle of: “Big Head all Prattle”.

    • Mike1987

      ……………… on Sarah’s ticket.

      I can see their jaunts from wal-mart to costos around this great land.  

      Too many freaks, not enough circuses.

    • Johnny Longtorso

      There’s no way the Republican nominee would pick a half-term Governor with no record of accomplishments. That would never happen!

    • aznew

      McDonnell has no interest in actually being the GOP candidate in 2012, IMHO, although he is interested in being the presidential candidate in 2016.

      I think he would like to be seriously considered for the nomination without actually winning it. This will give him a chance to campaign and get to know GOP operatives in other states and gain some name recognition among Republicans from other parts of the country.

      For example, in 1956 JFK’s failed bid for the VP position set the stage for his 1960 nomination.

      At least, that is what he appears to me to be trying to do.