Mike Signer’s “New Dominion Project” Takes on Ken Cuccinelli “and his crew”


    According to Mike Signer, who ran for the Democratic nomination for lieutenant governor in 2009, “We can’t just roll over for Cuccinnelli and his crew, especially not with so many critical challenges ahead, such as job creation, energy policy, criminal justice, government reform, education, and health care.” So, he’s formed “the New Dominion Project… a new grassroots effort to take on the flawed picture of a backward-looking Virginia by promoting innovation, reform, and unity in Virginia by highlighting the stories of individuals and organizations taking action.”

    I’ll be very interested to see where this project goes. I wish Mike Signer luck in his new endeavor!

    • Glen Tomkins

      While looking online to see if WI office-holders are subject to recall, I came across this reference to the Commonwealth’s recall process, http://www.ncsl.org/default.as…  As the site explains, VA isn’t usually listed among states that have recall, because while the process starts with a petition (Where do I sign Cuccinelli’s!?), if that gets enough signatures (a shoo-in for this case), the actual recall is decided by a circuit court judge.

      Inquiring minds want to know more about this procedure.  Is this like an impeachment, in that the petition has to specify high crimes and misdemeanors?  Does the VA constitution do a better job than the US’s of describing the parameters of the misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasnace that I would suppose the judge would have to decide Cuccinelli was guilty of before removing him?  Not that there’s a lack of all those *feasance problems in Cuccinelli’s tenure.

      To get back to topic, I understand that one perfectly valid response to Cuccinelli is the whole “look forward, not backward” thing, where we try to emphasize our own positive approach to governance, and use Cuccinelli for stark contrast.  

      But that shouldn’t be the only response to a genuine threat like Cuccinelli.  Yes, just winning the next election is always the most powerful response to abusive government in a democracy.  But while we wait for that next election, Cuccinelli continues to misuse his office to persecute citizens and employees of the Commonwealth.