President Obama: Decision on Senate Run Is Up To Kaine


    Ryan Nobles reports on his one-on-one interview with President Obama (great “get” by Ryan – impressive!).

    In our interview Mr. Obama said the decision is up to Kaine.

    “I want to hear what he wants to do,” Obama said. “I think he would be a great Senator from Virginia if he chose to do that.”

    The President seemed to deflect the notion that Kaine serves at his wit and whim and whatever Obama says goes.

    “As good of a friend as he is of mine, he is less concerned about serving me, he is more concerned about serving the American people and the people of Virginia,” said Obama.

    Bottom line: Based on what President Obama is saying here, it clearly sounds like the decision on whether or not to run for U.S. Senate is Tim Kaine’s to make. So, what’s your prediction: when will Kaine decide and what will the decision be?

    • His excuse for lying about not accepting DNC Chair was Obama begged him. He has no such excuse this time. He should honor his past statements that he wouldn’t run and make that clear — like last week — so Democrats can get on with it. Enough of his drama, Kaine needs to get out of the way.

    • FreeDem

      As much as I welcome the surge of new accounts to Blue Virginia from both sides of this great debate on if Kaine or Perriello is the real anti-Christ, I do think it’s important to note that Obama’a comments clearly put Kaine’s potential candidacy into perspective. There is more pressure from Kaine to run coming from Mark Warner and other Virginia Democrats than there is from Obama. Obama knows that almost any likely candidate could win with him at the top of the ticket. It’s Mark Warner and others like him who are freaking out and demanding that Kaine run. Maybe they know Virginia better than Obama. Or maybe they have alterior motives?

    • leedynamo

      Tom Perriello belongs to the people.  He is a public servant.  Not a finger in the wind politician.  Just does what he thinks is right.  Cannot be bought.

      No reflection on anyone else.



      Virginia DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT:  Basically all you do is screw up so why don’t you just shut the hell up?

    • The Richmonder
    • Say What

      I heard about that somewhere?? …. was it a website or something … comprised of a bunch of KosSack netroot types?? Who wanted to get some little known nice guy .. named Tim Kaine … get elected to the Governorship of the Commonwealth of Virginia??  

      Gee … how did that work out?? Mission Accomplished??

      RK morphed into … refocused on … and became the basis for a Draft James Webb effort back in the day … 4 short years ago…. and how did that work out??

      I’d like to see Tom Perriello drafted, supported and ultimately become a sitting U.S. Senator from Virginia. But there is one huge difference as compared to the other two netroots efforts.

      Aside from today being a totally different political atmosphere …. Tom Perriello and Tim Kaine are two peas in a pod. Politically cut from the same patriotic cloth. Both are very good men …. with their hearts and heads in the right place (on the progressive left??).

      What this is not …. as compared to Draft James Webb … is a situation where you have a real loser of a candidate potentially getting the party nomination (I’ll let the reader fill in the blank on that one … could be from a Senate race … could be for the Governorship).  

      NO  ….. what you have is a situation of “who would be the STRONGEST winning candidate” from a short but viable list.

      Tom Perriello has deferred to Tim Kaine.

      Tim Kaine is being encouraged to run by the entire National Democratic establishment =  the President, our sitting Senators … the Senate Majority leader … a big chunk of the Virginia Democratic Party.

      Consequently, Tim Kaine will announce …. at the upcoming JJ Dinner that he will run for office as the next US Senator from the Common Wealth of Virginia …. and we’ll all be Raising Kaine once again.

      Don’t worry …. Tim Kaine will make for an outstanding Senator. While his tenure as Governor was so-so …. remember what he had to deal with. Kaine’s temperament is ideally suited to the Senate …. not DNC chairman.

      Tom Perriello will be taken care of …. and whatever position he gets … he’ll be brilliant. That guy is a greater political talent then any of the men mentioned above (excluding our President).

      Just remember you heard it here, first.

    • pontoon
    • pontoon