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Sen. Patsy Ticer: “I finally have come to the end of the line”


Thank you to Sen. Patsy Ticer (D-30th), who announced today that she will be retiring after this year.

“I finally have come to the end of the line,” she told fellow Senators. “I do not intend to run again this year. I have been in public service for a long time… it’s hard to contemplate what life will be like without it.”

“I will always miss my home away from home in Richmond,” she said, fighting back tears. “It has been the privilege of a lifetime for me to know you and an honor to be of service with you in support of this beloved state. As a member of the Senate of Virginia, I will truly miss you. Thank you.”

Thank YOU, Senator Ticer, for all the good work you’ve done over the years, fighting for a woman’s right to choose, for civil rights and civil liberties, for education, for the environment, and for working people. You will be missed.

P.S. The Democratic candidates to succeed Ticer are Del. Adam Ebbin, Arlington County School Board member Libby Garvey, and Alexandria city council member Rob Krupicka.  

  • Friends,

    Senator Patsy Ticer announced today that she will not seek another term in the Virginia Senate. Her voice and leadership will be greatly missed.

    Senator Ticer is a valued colleague and someone who I consider a friend. During her career as a public servant, she has distinguished herself as a leader for the progressive values of the citizens of Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax. She has been an advocate for the health, education, and welfare of children; the rights of women; and preserving Virginia’s natural beauty for future generations.

    Patsy was serving the people of Alexandria long before setting foot in the State Capitol–through years of volunteer work and civic activism, her service on the City Council, as Vice Mayor, and as the first and only woman in the city’s history to become Mayor.

    She helped make Alexandria a leader in childcare and early childhood education, established programs for at-risk youth, and pushed for the first revision of the city’s master plan in decades, helping to transform Alexandria into the thriving business community it is today.

    Her accomplishments in the Senate on a wide array of issues–including the environment, animal welfare, and early childhood development–are impressive.

    However, Senator Ticer’s legacy will be greater than the legislation she has passed and the causes she has fought for. Her name will forever be synonymous with the quality of life our region holds dear.

    The opportunity to work with her first as my Mayor, then Senator, and now as a colleague, has made my service in the General Assembly better.

    I remember going door-to-door with Patsy during her first Senate race back in 1995. The voters loved her, and they still do. Patsy has that rare capacity for empathy, for making the cares and concerns of her constituents her own, and that’s why she’s never lost an election.

    I wish her the best as she enjoys a well-deserved retirement.


    Adam Ebbin

    Member, Virginia House of Delegates

  • here:

    Senator Ticer just gave a wonderful speech from the State Senate floor announcing that she won’t run for election again. I was proud to work on her first campaign for the Senate and was proud to watch her today.  She has been an amazing champion for our children, environment and our community. From fighting the Chesapeake Bay and Mirant, to supporting the success of our kids through better schools and expanded access to Pre-school, she has made a true difference. And her experience in local government made her a critical champion for good, effective cooperation between the entire State and our local communities.

  • leedynamo

    Supporting a weak candidate for Governor did not represent my interests or the interests of ONE SINGLE ARLINGTON VOTER EXCEPT FOR HERSELF.

    After the ’09 election for Governor, I was present at a meeting where she ATTACKED OBAMA VOTERS FOR NOT TAKING THE HALF HOUR NEEDED TO GO VOTE.

    In my book, this qualifies her as unfit for elective office.  Politicians criticizing voters?????

    I do not understand where they get such a sense of entitlement.

    She screwed up and she blamed voters for the ’09 defeat.  I blogged here about the post-election meeting I attended.

  • Sen. Patsy Ticer Announces Her Retirement

    RICHMOND – Alexandria Democrat Patsy Ticer received a standing ovation from her colleagues today as she announced her retirement from the Virginia Senate.

    “I finally have come to the end of the line. I do not intend to run again. It’s hard for me to imagine what my life will be like not being in a public office, but I look forward to this new challenge,” said Ticer, who represents the city of Alexandria and parts of Arlington and Fairfax Counties.

    The senator became slightly tearful as she delivered her announcement and reflected on her tenure in the Senate.

    “In my years in Richmond, it’s been wonderful to see the evolution of family care in Virginia,” she said.

    First elected to the Senate in 1996, Ticer has been known as a compassionate advocate for Virginia families and children. In Richmond, she has worked on legislation and policies that provide families with a safe environment, including championing Virginia’s land conservation program, and the best health care and child care standards available.

    Ticer’s legislation has included measures to test infants for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a developmental disorder that can result in the death of a newborn child, and require hearing tests for all infants. She has also passed legislation to provide insurance coverage for prosthetics.  Ticer also led the charge to change the name of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services from its former name of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Department.

    Several of Ticer’s Senate colleagues bid her a fond farewell Thursday afternoon on the Senate floor.

    “Senator Ticer will truly be missed in the Senate. She is an exceptional legislator. She’s been loyal all the way through and has done some terrific work.  Always gracious, always polite, she’s a wonderful friend,” said Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Mary Margaret Whipple.

    “When Patsy came down to Richmond, she was already well known as a pioneer for women in politics. She has persevered on her beliefs for education, healthcare and the environment. I want to thank her for her grace and wisdom,” said Sen. Janet Howell, D-Reston.

    Ticer has an extensive record of public service.  In 1991, she became the first woman to serve as mayor of Alexandria and also served on Alexandria City Council. She also served on the board of a number of organizations including Virginia’s Transportation Coordinating Council, Northern Virginia Transportation Commission and the United Way.

  • A vote for Senator Ticer was one of the first I cast in Virginia.  (And look where that led!)  My very best to her and my thanks for her service.

  • Cool_Arrow

    Thanks Senator Ticer for your service. I am glad that you were my Representative.

    It should be an interesting primary as all three candidates seem to be good progressives in one way or another. As a resident of the district, I am not sure who I will be supporting and am open minded to see what emerges.  

  • on her Facebook page:

    Just finished watching Senator Patsy Ticer announce her retirement and the praise of her colleagues, from both parties. She is truly a gentle Virginia lady and you can see how her style inspires genuine affection from her colleagues, no matter what their party. She is a role model for all of us.