Terry McAulilffe on Possible 2012 Run: “Can’t rule it out”


    Just to add another name to the mix, but I asked Terry McAuliffe’s people if he’s at all interested in running for U.S. Senate in 2012. The response: “Can’t rule it out.”


    UPDATE: Mike Signer says, “Sen. Webb is a great Virginian. Thanks to those asking me to run for his seat. I promise I will look into it closely.”

    • Catzmaw

      chance of winning and it would be the same old slick packaging and operation.  

    • “Even before he won election to the U.S. Senate in 2006, Jim Webb served his country with distinction in many ways including protecting our freedom on the battlefield.  For the past four years, Senator Webb has been a strong and effective advocate for the people of Virginia.  While I was Governor, I was pleased to have such a strong ally in the Senate and we worked together on a range of important issues.

      “Senator Webb has dedicated much of his life to supporting and honoring America’s service members.  He has also worked to promote justice and opportunity for Americans throughout the country.  In the Senate, he led the effort to enact the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the most significant expansion of veteran’s benefits since the WWII era; he took a leading role in efforts to make the American criminal justice system more just; and he has served admirably on the Armed Services, Foreign Relations, and Joint Economic and Veterans Affairs committees.  As a Virginian, I am proud of what Senator Webb has accomplished and the service he has provided to our state and his expertise will be sorely missed when his term of service comes to a close.

      “I had hoped that Senator Webb, having worked tirelessly to help elect him in 2006, would run for reelection and continue his service in the Senate.  However, over the past decade, we’ve made major progress in turning Virginia from a solidly Republican state to a highly competitive one, including Senator Webb’s victory in 2006, Senator Warner’s victory in 2008 and President Obama’s historic victory in 2008.  With the investments that President Obama and the Democratic Party will make in Virginia in 2012, I am confident that our party will hold on to this Senate seat in 2012.”

    • Perriello is the real deal for sure.  There are a couple facebook pages supporting him up already.

    • AnonymousIsAWoman

      I honestly don’t see Terry running for Senate.  He has such an outsize personality and is so much a take charge leader, I really picture him more in the governor’s mansion than in the Senate.

      As for Mike Signer, I supported him for Lt. Governor, and I think he’s a good principled progressive, but I admit my first thoughts went to Tom Perriello.

      We certainly will have some good choices.

    • I love the “haven’t ruled anything out” game in races like this. Can I play too? Here we go: I haven’t ruled anything out, but I HAVE NOTICED DRAFTMILESGRANT.COM IS AVAILABLE. HINT HINT.

    • Johnny Longtorso

      No offense to the guy, but his only run for office ended with him getting crushed in the primary. I said after he lost that he should start smaller. Going for an even more high-profile office seems ridiculous to me.

    • The Richmonder
    • Tom

      Who are “his people”, exactly. I feel hurt. I’m one of “his people (for governor) and no one asked me. Seriously, though, it’s not that hard to get a reply from Terry so why ask “his people” ?

      I think he’d run a strong campaign, but I think Kaine would have a better chance of winning a primary (and it’s starting to look like there will be at least two, maybe three, Dem. candidates). I just hope we don’t end up with a very negative three-way primary that results in the two strongest candidates splitting almost half the vote and the weakest winning the primary and getting blown away by Allen.

      If Brian is even half as good a DPVA chair as his supporters think he is he should already be talking privately to the main contenders and asking them first to lay off the negative crap like he used against Terry in their gubernatorial primary and then asking all except the two most viable not to run, and thirdly Brian MUST remain publicly neutral (i.e., not like Cranwell when he endorsed Miller against Webb). That’s a lot to ask of any DPVA chair, and especially Moran, I know. But he is now faced with the most important task a party state chair can have and he has to take time off his “day job” to get this one right on the first try. I’d think that a head-to-head primary between Perriello and Kaine would be a good test for both, and then if Tom wins he will have gained enough statewide name recognition, as well as campaign and debate experience, to run a strong race against Allen. But if the DPVA chair can’t prevent another devisive 3-way primary, too many people whose candidates’ lost would not show up to help in the general election campaign. This is Brian’s big test, and for the sake of the party and the state I hope he doesn’t fail the test.  

    • …Especially if Tim Kaine jumps in the race.  Maybe I’ll run and have the support of 300,000 Virginia citizens who can’t vote because Tim Kaine refused to sign an executive order restoring their rights.  That’ll get me elected!

      But seriously, I think Terry McAuliffe is more of an executive than a legislator.  It seems like he would be excited about the campaign but bored with the sluggish pace of the Senate.  I’d honestly consider supporting him for Governor — and this is coming from someone who was a field organizer for Brian Moran.

    • The Richmonder

      Anyone heard any speculation along those lines?

    • kindler

      …for a politician like Terry who wants to keep his name in circulation.

      That said, I don’t believe he’s serious about it for reasons Frank stated — I think he wants to be the CEO, not just another member of the board of directors.  

    • Mike1987

      about Terry McAuliffe that I just don’t like. Can’t place it, but I just don’t like him, however, Tim Kaine I do like.

    • Jim Webb Dem

      He’s “authentic” in his own right … has appeal beyond the immediate party and could AMP up the crucial issue of Judicial Reform as a major campaign theme.

      It would be like passing the torch from author Webb to author Grisham.