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Why Not The Guy Who Wants The Job?


Virginia Emergency Operations CenterTom Perriello has returned from his trip to the Middle East & has finally gotten a chance to speak publicly about the 2012 U.S. Senate race:

Former Rep. Tom Perriello (D) said Wednesday that he would “consider” running to succeed retiring Virginia Sen. James Webb (D) in 2012, but only if Tim Kaine decides not to make the race. […]

“It’s obviously nice when people say that,” Perriello said. “I think it’s meant to be a compliment. At the same time I join many others in hoping Tim Kaine will step up in this spot. … He’d be a great choice.”

What else do you expect Tom to say when President Obama & Virginia’s top elected officials are all focused on the guy who has repeatedly said he doesn’t want the job? Look, Tim Kaine would be a strong candidate who’d mop the floor with Big Oil Allen. But when we have a candidate like Tom Perriello – strong progressive values, hard working & accessible, consistently beat expectations in a conservative district – why are Democratic Party leaders in such a rush to coronate the guy who apparently needs to be talked into it?

Now if Kaine gets in & the nomination is declared all but decided, rank & file Democrats may wonder why they had no say in the process. And if Kaine says no, the media framing will be “Hopes of Democrats Crushed” & no matter who the nominee is, even if they’re ahead of Allen in the polls, he or she will have to deal with that added hurdle.

Tom should run. Then whoever else wants to run can run, we’ll have a primary & we’ll all get to vote, and we’ll all get behind whoever wins. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Jim Webb has gone on record as wanting Tim Kaine to run. Mark Warner has gone on record as wanting Tim Kaine to run. End of that story…if Tim Kaine wants to make the run.

  • Paradox13VA

    I strongly support the idea of Rep. Periello running for, and winning, a campaign for U.S. Senate. That being said, I also want Mr. Periello to make up his own mind, after considering all the options and implications.

    If we support Rep. Periello, at least in part, for his judgment and wisdom as well as his principles and values, I think we should trust Tom’s decision making as to whether or not to get into the race. He is exercising the same judgment about entering the race as he would exercise about policies and campaign tactics, and that’s one of the reasons I like him.

    If Tom thinks it’s Gov. Kaine’s call, I’m okay with that. If Tom wants in, I’m okay with that too. I will trust his judgment.

  • DCCyclone

    …their sentiment is somehow widespread.

    It’s not.

    This notion that “rank and file Democrats may wonder why they had no say in the process” is bunk.  Rank and file Democrats will not wonder any such thing, because they like Kaine just fine.  We were a happy party in the Kaine years.  There’s no serious disgruntlement with him either among Democrats or in the larger electorate; he is well-liked by a majority of Virginia voters.

    If Kaine agrees to run, he’ll run a strong campaign with his heart in it.  He’s not going to agree to run if he’s not willing and able to do that.  So the fact that he had to be talked into it will be a non-issue.

  • pontoon

    folks are concerned?  frightened? upset? by the amount of support the Draft Tom Perriello folks have for Tom and the momentum we have gained.  I just can’t discern any other reason for the reactions they are having to the posts on BV.