8-3 GOP Congressional Map for a decade?



    I hope that this article isn’t true but suspect it likely will be the case. It would be disappointing to see this happen but I understand that the State Senate Dems want to ensure that they can do everything that they can to protect their majority. Most of them are older and don’t have higher office ambitions but if there really was an 8-3 map locked in for a decade assuming that Wolf won’t be beat that would be a shame. In a wave a district can be won but imagine if VA-05 would have been 4 points to the left? Hurt would have lost. At the very least Rigell/Forbes’s district should be made more swingish as can Scott’s district really take on more minority voters? It is a crazy dump of just about all the minority voters possible in southern Virginia and I bet the GOP wants to give him Petersburg to pick up more population. Given the state’s even partisan leanings I think a 6-5 map (taking into account that Wolf’s district will be slightly Dem leaning) would be a reasonable approach.

    My question to you guys is:

    At the end is having one more Democratic Congressmen (again assuming Wolf won’t be beat) worth risking losing the state Senate over? If the State Senate were lost the GOP would likely just draw these lines again.

    Or is it worth risking it all and having courts draw the maps for all 3 chambers?

    Seems like the Senate Dems went with #1. Can’t say that I blame them and if Wolf retires he can be beat given the Demographic changes. If only we could redistrict Eric Cantor out of a job….

    • According to that Politico report, it had nothing to do with them:

      The new map, according to multiple sources in both parties who are familiar with the plan, was crafted in the past month chiefly by Virginia’s eight GOP members. But it has received crucial private support from the state’s three House Democrats – notably Rep. Gerry Connolly, who barely survived reelection last November and whose Capitol Beltway-area district would get a Democratic bump.

    • pontoon

      Can the 5th district really start in Danville and end up in Fauquier County?  That seems over-the-top.