Can a Self-Funding Right Wingnut Defeat “Felix Macacawitz?”


    Can a self-funding right wingnut like this guy, Timothy Donner, defeat George “Felix Macacawitz” Allen for the Republican nomination for U.S. SEnate in 2012? I don’t know, but I must say, this is great stuff — Donner’s advisor Jim Dornan on Allen and Jamie Radtke.

    “We also know that George Allen had a 30 point lead on Jim Webb,” Dornan said, referring to the retiring Democratic incumbent.  “He’s held office for 21 years before 2006 and he’s been lobbying for the last six.  Frankly, while he’s a nice guy, we think it’s time for new representation in the commonwealth.”

    Asked about Radtke, Dornan said, “She’s been working in government since she graduated from college.”

    LOL, this primary is going to be enormous fun to watch. Stock up on the popcorn!

    • Teddy Goodson

      “What can the righteous do?” I can see where this seemingly sincere guy is coming from, especially when he calls Jim DeMint and Ron Paul “freedom fighters.” I have to admit that, looked at from within his carefully selected frame, he hits some sensitive buttons: a President who has continued the disastrous policies of his predecessor and refuses to lead, but will probably be re-elected anyway; a crisis of confidence and of fiscal matters at state and federal levels; and a Congress full of spineless twits that is disrespected by 88 percent of, I guess he means, all adult Americans.

      It’s like a shaggy dog story, full of mundane details which get his audience nodding and agreesing, so they then go on to agree with the fundamentally silly, wrong conclusion: put me in the Senate so we can implement the libertarian-based, free market, laissez-faire “reforms” of Ron Paul—- the radical.

      I do believe there are many in Virginia who will agree with his mundane details and basic premise that we have crises and need to make real change, but that we will not get that real change out of the present Congress or White House. The thing is, in many ways this should be the theme of the Demorats in this election (leaving out the part lumping the White House in with the problem—- but actually offering a more pragmatic change in the guiding philosophy without going radical Paulista). I do not see Kaine making an effective counter-argument within this frame, though, much less coming up with a change in the frame by going outside the laissez-faire free market dogma. Does anyone else?