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    • I’d say that Obama is the exact opposite of naive, let alone “arrogant!” To the contrary, Obama appears to have a clear-eyed, realist, non-idealistic, limited, even “humble” view of American foreign policy goals. Mostly, his focus has been on the economy and domestic issues, plus Afghanistan and Pakistan in foreign policy. With regard to Libya, Obama’s actions have been limited, focused (on preventing a massacre of Libyan civilians), and part of an alliance with key NATO allies. What’s “naive” or “arrogant” about that? Answer: nothing.

    • Catzmaw

      a hoity-toity Republican pundit so prim that Wonkette refers to her as “Peggington Noonington” I concluded that Obama ain’t the naive one here.  

      Who are you? Seriously, what are your qualifications to declare the President either naive or arrogant?  Seems to me a much better description is that he’s deliberative and cautious, willing to act only after he’s assembled a lot of information from a lot of sources and has weighed each of his options carefully.  

      With regard to the suggestion that the President “thinks his actions have no consequences” I can only conclude you must have been asleep a couple of years ago when we elected a new President. Your statement describes perfectly his predecessor, not him.  No, everything Obama does in his deliberate, plodding, almost dithering way demonstrates that he not only considers consequence, but weighs it quite heavily before stepping into anything.  

      I think you’re on the wrong website. Maybe you should go over to Red State where they’ll be more receptive to your kvetching about Obama’s recklessness(?), or maybe over to DKos, a land full of keyboard warriors excoriating this President’s every move for “naivete”, “arrogance”, and let’s not forget “corporatism” and “RINO”ism, along with their anger at his failure to change everything with a flick of his magic Harry Potter wand.