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Robert Hurt Breaks Core Promise, Tea Party “severely disappointed”


I’m obviously not a big fan of Rep. Robert Hurt (R-5th). If possible, I’m even less of a fan of the Tea Party. However, in this case, the Tea Party is absolutely right. As Waldo writes, it was just back in October 2010 that candidate Robert Hurt point blank promised:

“I can promise you this, I will certainly be as accessible if not more accessible than Congressman Perriello has been.”

Of course, that was utterly ridiculous even at the time, given the fact that Tom Perriello was probably the most accessible Congressman not just in Virginia, but in the United States. Whether people agreed with Perriello or not, almost everyone acknowledged his efforts to hold dozens (hundreds?) of town hall meetings, to listen to people in the district, and generally to be as accessible a representative as humanly possible. How Robert Hurt was ever going to top that record is hard to see.

Well, a few months since he was elected, Hurt has already failed big time, and the Tea Party is rightly displeased.

The group gathered in the parking lot outside Hurt’s Berkmar Circle office for about half an hour. After a few speeches, the crowd dispersed, with some attendees going to speak to office staff who were inside handling casework.

Some were upset that no representative from Hurt’s office came out to the event.

When we did this at [Rep. Tom] Perriello’s office, he always had a representative to come down and listen to us,” said Don Woodsmall. “And no Hurt representative down here today? I’ve got to tell you, I’m severely disappointed.”

Shocker, eh? Robert Hurt, an almost completely inarticulate empty suit who will say whatever it takes to get (and stay) elected, isn’t being the type of representative he “promised” to be? What next, super-hawk Eric Cantor will criticize the president for doing exactly what Cantor had demanded – intervene against Qaddafi in Libya? Oh wait.

  • NWVirginian

    Boucher was notorious for incredible constituent service – there’s no way that Griffith can live up to that standard.  Anyone have any anecdotes about that?

  • Luzeelu

    What a surprise.

    I really miss Tom.

  • pontoon

    Let me tell you something else, I’ve emailed my representative, Mr. Hurt, about issues on which I have opinions….not one response.  Additionally, I found out last night, after the fact, of course, that he held a meet and greet with his constituents in my county at our local library.  I don’t know how they publicized this event but considering I’m a fairly politically active member of the community, I find it odd I didn’t know about it.

    Being a constituent who has emailed him and lives in the county where he was holding his little meet and greet, would you not think his staff would have tapped his email list and sent out something to those folks who have contacted him.  Obviously, they didn’t…probably because my emails have gone totally against what his stands have been.

    Finally, not sure he really wanted too many voters to know about it anyway.  Tom Perriello held his Town Halls in a meeting room that would easily hold 200 to 250 folks.  The meeting room where Mr. Hurt held his meet and greet in our library is small.  I guess Mr. Hurt only wants to meet and greet those voters who share his point of view…that would certainly require much less meeting room space in my County.


    morons who voted him in will soon have buyers remorse. I think it is hysterical. Meanwhile I haven’t heard a word from him since he’s been elected. Tom had like 32 town halls during the healthcare debacle. Wonder why Mr. Hurt hasn’t had a few over the budget deficit? Oh wait, he doesn’t now or when he got elected give a damn about his constituents. Lucky he’ll only have this job for 2 years.

  • Cool_Arrow

    It really is no surprise. That is what you get when you vote for an empty suit in Robert Hurt who famously said during the debate with Perriello that his one idea to bring down the deficit was to cut Congressional pay. A part of me feels sorry for the people in the 5th (mostly the people in Charlottesville and Albermarle County) but a part of me says “this is what you got with Virgil Goode and now you brought him back (minus the anchor baby and other absurd theories)”.  

  • dominic

    It’s happening all over the country right now…

  • Catzmaw

    on a blog to the effect that he hoped the GOP would lose the last election. Reason? He felt that many of the GOP candidates would do exactly what they ARE doing, pretending they have a mandate from heaven and completely disregarding their constituents’ needs. He thought a win would be the worst thing possible for them. Looks like he was right.