Sen. Warner Calls for Temporary Halt to U.S. Nuclear Projects


    I just received the following statement from Sen. Mark Warner’s office about the nuclear accidents in Japan, and also about whether he agrees with Sen. Lieberman’s call (as reported by CNN) for a “temporary halt in building new nuclear power plants in the United States.”

    Sen. Warner thinks it’s appropriate to do all we can to assist the Japanese in stabilizing their ongoing nuclear emergency. He also thinks it makes sense to temporarily halt ongoing projects in this country until we have a firm grasp on lessons we might learn from the horrible events unfolding in Japan.

    • pontoon

      Japanese plants.  There has been much discussion among the MSM that their nuclear power plants should not have been placed on the ocean because they knew of the probability of earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis.  They have evacuated a 13 mile radius from the plant.  If the plant were inland, the land mass evacuated would have been doubled (because there was no population to evacuate from the ocean).  Therefore, if there were a major nuclear accident, would it not require an even larger land mass to be completely taken off the grid for their population?  Perhaps, their plants are sited on the ocean for that reason alone.    

    • We can just keep gutting states like West Virginia and killing coal miners since we would rather be “friends of coal” than support miner safety!


      (And I grew up and my parents still live in the danger zone of the Shippingport nuclear facility near Pittsburgh, and my sister near Three Mile Island, so like coal mining, this isn’t about ideology, but about having to be someone who has people on the line.)

      But let’s not be proactive and thinking about things in a meaningful, long-term way.  Lets just react to things as they happen and wring our hands.