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Eric Cantor Slams Donald Trump as Not “Serious” Candidate


Actually, what this tells me is that Republicans are panicked that Donald Trump will either: a) win the Republican nomination, guaranteeing Barack Obama reelection to a second term as president; or b) lose the Republican nomination, but run as a third-party candidate (which he’s threatening to do), also guaranteeing Barack Obama reelection to a second term as president. Either way, Republicans lose, big time. What a shame that would be, huh?

P.S. It’s pretty frightening when Eric Can’tor is the Republican voice of reason and sanity on anything!

  • Cool_Arrow

    The rise of Trump really goes to show what a joke of a candidate pool the GOP has. I mean when a guy who has gone bankrupt twice, married three times, likely had countless affairs while still married, lives in evil New York City, has given tons of money to Democrats (he is about 50/50 on who he has given to but he has given to some pretty staunch liberals like Anthony Weiner), etc. is a serious GOP contender you know that nobody is exciting the base.

    This point 4 years ago Obama, Hillary and Edwards were all in and all seemed pretty viable. The fact that nobody has stepped forward that one can say would have base and general election appeal is a very bad statement for the GOP. I don’t see Huckabee and Palin running. The only ones that may fall into that category are Daniels, Pawlenty and Romney but they have serious issues with the base. Barbour, Gingrich and Bachmann are dead on arrival and would likely get blown out worse than McCain.  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The possible candidacy of Donald Trump shows how ridiculous the GOP has become. Unfortunately, the country needs a responsible conservative voice and a responsible liberal voice and a spirit of compromise. We presently have none of these.