Kaine: Shutting Down Government Should Be “Off Limits”


    I agree 100% with Tim Kaine that shutting down the government (let alone threatening the credit of the United States) should be completely off the table in any budget negotiations (or anything else, for that matter). I’d go further and say that anyone who advocates shutting down the government or seriously risking a default by the United States of America (which could trigger a second recession) is wildly reckless and irresponsible.

    In other news, Kaine says he’s “absolutely committed” to the Senate race, but that he was “surprised when Jim Webb announced he wasn’t going to run.” Kaine takes a shot at George Allen for trying to have it both ways on the budget compromise, noting that at least Jamie Radtke has been clear – albeit totally wrong – about her stance on this. Finally, Kaine’s three themes in the campaign appear to be “jobs and the economy, fiscal responsibility, balance and civility.”

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      I agree with Tim.  It is a violation of the public trust.  Having said that, I do not believe that one side should be allowed to hold the other side “hostage” unless its every wish is granted.  There is a word for that and it is extortion.  

    • pontoon

      that Jim Webb was not going to run.  There had been way too much discussion about it and there was the knowledge that Webb had done nothing about fundraising.  If I remember correctly had only raised $12,000 or a similar miniscule amount.  

      I completely agree that any threat of a shutdown of government should be off the table in any negotiation.  Extortion is exactly the correct word for the GOP’s tactics.

      I do have sincere concerns about Pres. Obama’s negotiation skills.  Yesterday, he wanted a clean bill on raising the debt ceiling.  Today, according to the WSJ, he’s willing to deal.  It’s thoroughly frustrating to see him give in without a fight.