Warner on Shutdown: New Members of Congress Trying to Show “how tough they are”


    “Particularly some of these newer members, who in effect are going to show how tough they are by shutting down the government…beyond the fact of what effect it will have on literally millions of people’s lives in greater Washington, I think they really potentially run a risk of slowing this economic recovery that finally seems to be picking up speed.”

    Translation: The vast majority of “new members of Congress” are Republicans and/or Tea Partiers.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Now it’s time for Democrats to get out signs like the Tea Baggers did in 2010…signs that say “November 2012 Is Coming.”

    • Tom

      How about something like: “You shut down the government and delay my tax refund, you lose my vote in 2012 and you don’t get unemployment payments”.

      The Fed. government OWES me the money they “borrowed” from me in the form of excessively high withholding and those who would shut down the government think they are making some sort of “fiscal responsibility” statement by shutting down government will see what kind of political statement we the taxpayers make next year when they discover that they aren’t covered by the unemployment insurance they don’t want as we send them all to unpaid unemployment. Not even their wealthy lobbyist friends will help them when we the voters fire their sorry butts and they find just how worthless they really are on the job market.