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Blue Virginia Seeking New Contributors


As you can see from these poll results, 26% of Blue Virginia’s readership says it’s from Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church, which have a combined population of about 350,000 (4% the population of Virginia). In addition, 17% of Blue Virginia’s readership appears to be from Fairfax, which has a population of 1.1 million (about 14% the population of Virginia). Combined, that means that the core, inner NOVA suburbs account for about 43% of Blue Virginia’s readership.

In contrast, the NOVA exurbs – Loudoun (312,000 people), Prince William (402,000), Stafford (129,000), Fauquier (70,000), Manassas (36,000), Fredericksburg, (23,000) etc. – could definitely be better represented here on Blue Virginia, as they now make up something like 6% of apparent readership, compared to 12% or more of Virginia’s overall population. Also, the Richmond area accounts for about 15% the population of Virginia, but only 10% of Blue Virginia readership, which definitely implies room for growth. Finally, it appears that Southside and Southeastern Virginia are both somewhat underrepresented among Blue Virginia readers, implying definite room for growth there.

Bottom line: I’d love to see more geographical diversity on this blog in terms of coverage and readership. That, in turn, means that new contributors from around the Commonwealth are most welcome. So, if you’re a Democrat and/or a progressive with something to say about Virginia politics, along with an ability to say it well, we strongly encourage your contributions to this blog.

One thing to keep in mind, as there seems to be some confusion on this point (I’m not sure why, given that community political blogs like Daily Kos, Raising Kaine, etc. have been around for nearly a decade now, but there is): this is a community blog, which means that anyone can set up a free account (takes about 1 minute, max), leave comments and write “user diaries” which they can post on the blog.

By the way, speaking as a non-techie/liberal arts major, it’s no harder technically to blog here than it is to log into Facebook, or to send an email for that matter. Instead, to the extent that there’s a challenge, it’s in figuring out what you want to say, then actually taking a few minutes, typing it up and posting it. After you’ve done that, one of the Blue Virginia editors might decide to “promote” your diary to the “front page,” giving it even more exposure. Eventually, you might be asked to become a “front pager” yourself, which will allow you to impart your wisdom to the tens of thousands of readers we get every month. No, you won’t get rich as a blogger, but you might make a difference in this state’s politics, even if it’s rather frustrating at the moment.

Also, we’d particularly love to see members of Democratic committees from around Virginia posting on interesting events, news, etc. in their areas. Photos and videos are great, but are certainly not required. If you want to post a photo with your diary, I recommend getting a free photo-sharing account on Flickr (or whatever) to host your photos. As for videos, YouTube works great, and there are really cheap and easy video cameras that you can use to quickly upload them.

Finally, I want to extend a particular invitation to members of communities that are currently underrepresented in the Virginia political blogosphere: African Americans, Latinos, people who live in rural areas (e.g., Shenandoah, southwestern Virginia), etc. If you have any questions, you can email me at lowell@raisingkaine.com or just leave your question or comment in the comments section to this diary. Thanks!

  • I only learned any basic HTML when I started blogging here.

    I’d be happy to help with anyone from any part of the state who wanted to start commenting, blogging, contributing in any way. Email me at TheGreenMiles (at) gmail.com. Heck, even if you’re not sure you want to get involved & just want to have a coffee or beer and share tales of progressive politics, be in touch.

  • of your former blog. I used to frequent that place often as Rusty5329.

    {wipes tears from eyes}

  • glennbear

    Thanks for posting the stats, it give me the push to register and I will endeavor to encourage other like minded folks here in southside to get involved also. I was somewhat apolitical until just a few years ago when I started to campaign for Tom Perriello when the GOP attacks on him became obvious.  

  • Master Gunner

    I don’t want to seem to be holding a grudge and I really cannot speak for others(though I certainly could), but I am a Democrat in Southeastern Virginia.  I believe I originally created this account some time ago to respond to something you had said but for certain really significant reasons, I could not.  But you ask for readers and contributors from this region.  However your commentary disparaging Congressman Glenn Nye over the last year(two years really) I believe were in really poor taste and not representative of any Democrat I would want to associate myself with.

    You don’t like Glenn Nye.  I get that.  You made that abundantly clear.  You’re free to your own council and opinion.  However, Virginia Beach is not Arlington.  The 2nd District is not the 8th.  The politics here are nothing like it is up there.  Not excusing anything, I can be as strong of a Democrat I want to be but fact of the matter is an aggressively progressive Democrat has never won or served in this district for a reason.  This is a conservative district.  To my knowledge, you have been told this several times.

    But again, that might just be my opinion.  If you wanted to elicit others, specifically underrepresented minorities, per your earlier point, there are no shortage of them, especially from this region.  Three of the most prominent chairs in the region are female, two of whom are black.  Leadership in young democrats in the area has exclusively been minority.  There are any number of Democrats in this region, who may or may not feel as I have, who if at all felt less comfortable or equally turned off by your commentary, but if you want to invite them to contribute I think you know who to ask.

  • gg2landy

    I posted this link on the Lynchburg Democratic Committee’s Facebook page to encourage people to blog.

    Lynchburg is not part of South West VA. It’s not part of the Charlottesville area. It’s not Southside. It’s Central VA.and about as centrally located in the middle of the state as it gets. The home of Liberty University, the Falwells,Steve Newman and Kathy Byron and a frequent stop for McDonnell and Cuccinelli…. Democrats here fight tooth and nail for everything we get. It’s tough!

    It would be good for us to have a voice and exposure on this blog !!!