Chap Petersen Introduces David Bulova


    Thanks to Left of the Hill for this video of Sen. Chap Petersen introducing Del. David Bulova, and strongly supporting him for reelection. I agree with my friend Chap on this one — it’s important to reelect Bulova for all the reasons Chap (!) lists. Also, note that this is a contested election, with Bulova’s Republican opponent actually one of the very very few people (something like 10 people out of nearly 1,000 registered users, not including “spam” accounts) we’ve ever felt we had to ban here at Blue Virginia. That should tell you something. With that, all I have to say is, go David! 🙂

    • As delighted as I am to be redistricted into Eileen Filler-Corn’s district, I am truly sad to be losing David as my delegate.  I’ve really enjoyed working with and for him in my precinct these past few years.  Plus, his wife’s name is Gretchen and both of our sons are drama-nuts at Robinson Secondary, so how could I NOT support him??

      I hope Dems everywhere will give Bulova whatever help they can give him!

    • sspiker

      You should continue your thought and note that the specific reason given to banning Schoeneman’s account is because he posted so often with reasoned debate that you guys said it “was too time-consuming” to respond to defend your posts in response to him.

      Something to brag about, to be sure.