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Democrats Win Overwhelmingly Republican District; Eric Cantor’s Days as Majority Leader Numbered?


Last night, Democrats scored a stunning victory in an overwhelmingly Republican district (74%-26% for Congress in 2010; one of only four districts in the state won by John McCain in 2008; home district of right-wing nutjob Carl Paladino) in upstate New York. A few observations and comments on Democrat Kathy Hochul’s special-election victory.

1. According to the New York Times, voters “turned out in strikingly large numbers for a special election.”

2. Based on the reporting I’ve seen, voters turned out in large part to express their disapproval of the Republican plan (authored by Paul Ryan, approved by the BONEr/Can’tor-controlled House with almost unanimous Republican’t support) to dismantle Medicare. This is terrible news for Republicans in 2012, unless they “refudiate” Ryan’s plan, and fast!

3. Aside from being a strongly Republican, conservative district, Republicans poured money into this race, outspending Democrats — but they lost anyway. Again, this is a dire warning to Republicans that their hold on the House is in serious jeopardy in 2012 if they keep pursuing their extreme, radical, and wildly unpopular agenda.

4. The Tea Party candidate drew only 9 percent of the vote, but helped by attacking Republican Jane Corwin from the right. We can only hope for lots more of this in 2012.

5. Exemplifying how clueless and crazy Eric Can’tor truly is, believe it or not he’s been calling for Paul Ryan to run for PRESIDENT (!!!) in 2012. According to Can’tor, “Paul is about real leadership.” Yes, “real leadership” if you like the idea of demolishing Medicare and severely harming the financial and economic future of the United States.

6. Based on what happened last night in an overwhelmingly “red” district, the end of Eric Can’tor’s days as House Majority Leader is now a serious possibility come November 2012. That end is even more likely if Republican’ts continue to double down on the insanity: pushing forward on divisive social issues; holding tornado relief funds hostage to their extreme agenda; and possibly even causing the United States to default on its debt, which would be an unmitigated disaster.  

7. As a citizen of the United States of America who cares deeply about my country, I strongly hope Republican’ts don’t drive the nation off the cliff, as they appear hell-bent on doing. On the other hand, as a partisan Democrat, I can only hope that Republican’ts keep demonstrating how nuts they are to the American people through November 2012, and that last night’s results are then replicated from sea to shining sea. On Can’tor! On BONer! On Ryan! 🙂

P.S. Last night’s victory exemplifies the crucial importance for Democrats across the country, including here in Virginia, to recruit and run strong candidates in every district. In Virginia, that includes the 2011 General Assembly elections, where it’s quite possible we’ll see a similar backlash to what we witnessed last night in the solid “red” New York 26th!

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    You are absolutely right. It is extremely important that the Democrats in Virginia recruit strong, reasonable candidates in every House and Senate district in November. I would add that we need a credible candidate in each congressional district in 2012. That year will be the best chance we have to retire the likes of Can’tor and Hurt, and Griffith.

  • Kevin H

    will be another place where we will see an election that will test what Republicans and the Tea Party folk have been pushing. Medicare might not be the issue there but it still will be a referendum on the right’s insistence that worker’s rights do not matter.

    I agree with you Lowell that we need to recruit in every district. Where is our leadership on that front?

  • sspiker

    Lowell, get your facts straight. The Tea Party candidate was a wealthy self-funder who ran as a Democrat the last several election cycles. He didn’t attack Corwin from the right, he purposely siphoned off votes by being on the TP line, and without him in the race, we’d be talking about how a safe GOP district was barely retained by Republicans, rather than an upset.

    If you guys are able to recruit self-funding candidates to run as spoilers in states that have lax ballot requirements, then yes, you have a chance in a lot of districts. Without that, good luck.

  • sspiker

    1) I’m posting under my real name,

    2) I’m posting things that can easily be verified,

    3) I’m being perfectly respectful without name-calling, as opposed to how I am treated here.

    If you want to shut your site and your ears to all things that don’t line up perfectly with your echo chamber, its your site and you can do as you wish. Most political blogs welcome fact-based debate. I can understand if you wish to be different.

  • Mallsus2

     needs to take advantage of this opening and introduce legislation for a Medicare buy in for people under retirement age and add the plan to the exchanges.  


    cannot express how much I love this.

    More please! We need to tie Ryan’s plan around all the rethugs necks and make them drag it around–EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Cool_Arrow

    What this really shows is that the GOP massively screwed up with this medicare vote. I have no idea why in the world they did it considering that type of plan is dead in the Senate and there is absolutely no way Obama would ever sign it. This was a really stupid vote that wouldn’t yield any policy results whatsoever. Whoever told them to go ahead with this I’d like to meet. Personally as a partisan Democrat if this isn’t something that wakes up top-tier challengers especially to new freshmen I don’t know what will. I’d really like to see Hurt and Rigell be forced to defend this vote. Though we don’t know what their districts will look like there are tons of nationally marginal districts whose Reps voted for this that have a ton of explaining to do.  

  • Teddy Goodson

    Not to read too much into this election (which saw Hochul’s signs say she would Save Medicare), but once voters were brought to realize that the Republican plans for Medicare exemplified their entire social and political philosophy, and the citizens realized just what kind of society they would be living in if Republicans implemented their philosophy—- voters recoiled in horror. They rejected more than the Republican plan for Medicare, they were really rejecting the Republican worldview.

    Democrats everywhere need to make it very clear that the Ryan, i.e., Republican, budget and political theory would create a narrow, mean, nasty society, inhuman and ugly, one where the well-being and opportunities for about 99 percent of us would be precarious and limited, a place where most of us would not like to live. The Republican vision is Un-American. Don’t miss this opportunity, Democrats!

    Don’t let the vast Republican spin machine grind like a Panzer division over this truth and somehow twist it all back around to their alien alternate reality, where they are so afraid of the deficit, but not of climate change; more concerned with the comfort of the wealthy than with creating jobs; and where “shared sacrifice” only applies to Main Street and not to Wall Street.