I Almost Feel Sorry for Mitt Romney


    I almost feel sorry for Mitt Romney. Except I really don’t. I mean, have you ever seen a more fundamentally dishonest, flip-flopping, no-principled, smarmy politician than Romney? When even the extremely-low-standard hacks at Faux “News” and the Wall Street Journal say he’s unacceptable as a potential president, you know he must be really bad. Although actually, I think Romneycare is excellent, just wish we had it here in Virginia (McDonnellCare or CuccCare anyone? lol)! 🙂

    UPDATE: Jonathan Chait comments on “The Al Gore Problem,” which Dana Milbank describes as follows. “Romney has what might be called an Al Gore problem: Even if he’s being genuine, he seems ersatz.” But it’s actually far, far worse than that, according to Chait, and I agree…

    • Jim B

      Apparently no sane person can be nominated to an office by todays republicans. If they throw Romney under the bus who is left, Daniels? If what I read in the Post today about Daniels wife is correct he will be getting grief.

    • Dan Sullivan

      Once Governor Romney started expressing his apprehension with the Viet Nam War, his campaign began unravelling. It wasn’t just that position but also the expression that he had been “brainwashed” by the military into initially supporting the war that were corrosive. Doubtful that he meant brainwashing literally but he said it. All the while, there was the constant whisper that he was Morman. These came to define Governor George in the public eye.

      Two things may affect Governor Mitt: a) he watched his father implode by being straightforward, making him afraid of being defined by any statement and b) he may indeed have things going on (like that brainwashing explanation) in there that he is afraid might get let loose.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      there were a number of Republicans (incl George Romney) we Democrats respected.  

      Charles Percy, Edward Brooke, John Lindsay, and a number of others.  Today, not so much. Over time, the party has become more and more fringe-ish.

      And as for Mitch Daniels (or be still my heart–not!–Gov Christie), bring it on!  We will have a field day with either of them.  There simply are no more grownups in the room on that side of Congress or the statehouses any more.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      was manufactured by a compliant, not-liberal so-called mainstream media.

    • Teddy Goodson

      for “the other” Mormon, Huntsman; sacrificing Mitt on the Altar of the Intransigents will create a little niche for the eminently presidential-appearing milder Mormon, who can swan in gracefully after the circular firing squad makes carrion of the other crazies. When Huntsman materializes, those Republicans still capable of embarrassment will flock to him, delighted that supporting him will “prove” they are not anti-Mormon bigots; the Establishment will greet him with a sigh of relief as someone they can work with; and Republican-leaning so-called indepndents will be sooo happy they have found a moderate-sounding rich white man to run against that socialist in the White House. Mitt, whether he intended it or not, is preparing the way for Huntsman… or so I suspect at this stage of the game.