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Is PolitiFact.com afraid to review the biggest untruth in Virginia Politics?


by Paul Goldman

PolitiFact.com brags about its fearless Truth-O-Meter, saying it was created to ensure an honest discussion of the top issues facing the Commonwealth. Well, according to our leading local/state elected and appointed officials, there is nothing ore important to this Commonwealth’s future than the education of our children.

Yet, PolitiFact.com refuses to touch arguably the biggest untruth told in Virginia politics, one that especially burdens the state’s most vulnerable citizens. Why is the Truth-O-Meter turned off for this issue?

A recent study, funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, addressed the following claim displayed on the state’s official website:

A Virginia high school diploma tells admission officers at colleges, universities, and career and technical schools that the bearer is ready for the rigors of post-secondary education.

Our leaders have spent and are spending $hundreds of millions of dollars to produce statistics to prove this claim. Is there any crueler action by government against a child than misleading her or she about the true nature of their education?

“Diploma to Nowhere” was the title of the Gates-funded study. According to this report:

A high school degree no longer demonstrates that a graduate is college ready.”

The folks at PolitiFact.com can continue to play “gotcha” with any candidate of any party for any office in Virginia. But if they truly want to improve Virginia, then they need to use their Pulitzer Prize credentials to explain why our top officials at the local and state level continue to claim something about such a fundamental issue that is simply not true (and they know it).  

  • PolitiFact hasn’t fact checked is Bob McDonnell’s repeated, false assertions about his “balancing the budget,” “creating jobs,” etc.  Yeah, if you count raiding the retirement system, taking massive federal stimulus money, borrowing heavily, and bribing corporations to come here in exchange for…nothing, basically. Fact check THAT!!!

  • listlady

    in the Gates-funded study?  

  • Ok, I think this is the fourth time THIS WEEK I’ve made this point on various blogs — there is no such thing as a “Virginia high school diploma.”  There are, on the other hand, hundreds of thousands of students who get diplomas.

    Many of those students will be “ready for the rigors of a post-secondary education” and many of those students will not be “college ready.”  And this isn’t the end of the world, because NOT ALL STUDENTS NEED TO GO TO COLLEGE!!!  I find the claim on the VA website as obnoxious as the Gates Foundations “finding.”

    We have spent millions of dollars to “reform” education to push our students into college.  It’s one of those ideas that always sounds good to adults (most of whom are college educated, after all) but not one that translates very well into the real world.  There are lots of reasons for this, which are complicated, messy and frustrating, but c’mon people — the quest for the one best way from the top down is just as elusive as the Holy Grail!

    I really wish we would stop with the one-size-fits-all answer to education and realize that we are educating PEOPLE who come in all different types when it comes to abilities, academics, maturation rates, and creativity.  But you know what?   That’s going to take money in the classroom, in the counselor’s office, and time and investment in the student himself.  Why bother with that messy, complicated stuff when we could fund more studies and hire people to do PR?

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    I would not depend upon Gates data about public schools when they have paid the data miners and “statisticians” to “find” evidence that the public school system “must” be dismantled.  I am really sick of the ditto-heads regurgitating Gates Foundation propaganda.  Bill and Melinda Gates and Eli Broad are on a mission to privatize public schools.  Everything they do is directed at this just as surely is the Peter Peterson effort to take down Social Security and Medicare.

    Gates is just trying to buy a country’s worth of influence, the rest of America’s opinion be damned.

    Save Our Schools.  Don’t gut them and hand over their value and funding to privateers.

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    It would be nice if you advised pols to  a) keep faith with Democratic principles, such as protecting the safety net from both cuts and privatization,  b) refrain from going on Republican-sponsored speaking assignments; c)  strongly  refute Republicans, and d) stop using the GOP frame for everything.   Turning your aim at lowly bloggers misses the point.  And it also just generally makes me want to blog more.  🙂 I had not blogged that often lately and I held off for quite awile from criticizing one of our own side until the individual went quite far down the road to bending over backwards for a group backing the Tea Party.  And it is me you go off on? Comparing me w/ Palin?  Hahaha…  Nice touch, but it wont score you any success.   If you really want to win, why not advise Dems to be Dems?  It is a winning strategy, one which I would only be too happy to applaud.