Jon Stewart Takes on Bill O’LIElly: Guess Who Wins?


    hint: it’s not the Faux guy; h/t: The Nation

    P.S. Stewart’s too polite to spell it out right on O’LIElly’s show, but I will: the right-wing narrative against Obama is that, deep down, he’s really an angry black man — “anti-colonial” another code phrase for “hates white people” — and that he’s just covering it up with his slickness, his teleprompter, whatever. Yeah, I know, it’s a completely bonkers narrative, almost completely the opposite of who Barack Obama is and what he’s all about, but that’s exactly what O’LIELly et al are getting at when they “connect the dots” between Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, Common, etc. And, of course, their (heavily) angry white male audience laps it right up. Lovely, huh?

    P.P.S. Watch the rest of Stewart’s demolition of O’LIElly on the “flip.”

    • Dan Sullivan

      keeps one from stepping back and seeing the big picture. The more the “opposition” can trivialize the President among the kool aid drinkers, the longer it will take for them to realize they are railing against their own interests.

      Stewart on diversity in Fox programming:

      “You bring in people like Combs and you can beat him about the head with pillows.”

    • Say What

      That would be my preferred tool of choice to use on Bill O’LIElly …. I can’t see what John Stewart likes about this guy. Lawrence O’Donnell sized up Billo a few months ago perfectly … that Bill O’Reilly is nothing but a fake Irish tough guy:

      Lawrence & Lowell couldn’t be more insightful about Billo’s audience. My neighbor and family friend up the street is one of many “Angry White Guys” who in spite of being successful on many levels … legitimately has much to be angry about. The problem is a fair amount of the disasters / disappointments he’s endured could be linked to Republican Policies in my estimation.

      The poisonous atmosphere that Fox pumps out every day feeds bitterness, resentment and HATE. And there are plenty of people (a large audience) who are susceptible to the meme which Fox News thrives on.

      My father who’s still sharp at 94 lived through the depression as a young boy, WW II, etc. He surprised me when talking about FDR and the famous line …. “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

      Apparently back in the day …. there was a tremendous amount of fear mongering going on in the papers and radio airwaves …. just like what FOX News & “Conservative” talk radio do today. Essentially my father informed me that FDR’s famous line was a smack down to those fear mongering voices found throughout much of the media back in 1933. FDR’s speech addressed that ….  like Obama calling out the birthers and the Donald as “Carnival Barkers”. (P.S. Lawrence O’Donnell was spot on about Donald Trump’s “run” for president).

      It’s amazing how history (from historically opposing forces / thought – liberal vs conservative) can and will repeat itself.