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Mitt Romney Runs Away from…Mitt Romney


It’s so sad to see a grown man grovel, pander, flip flop, and twist himself into a pretzel of internal illogical and self-contradiction like Mitt Romney’s doing. I mean, this is a guy who, for pretty much his entire career, was a big fan of universal health care, mandates, etc. Now that he’s running for the nomination of a Republican Party that’s lurched far to the right, away from its previous stands on a wide variety of issues (e.g., for individual mandates, for cap and trade), he’s having to run away from himself on pretty much his entire lifetime record, including as the liberal Republican governor of Massachusetts (where he signed “Romneycare” into law). The question is, why would anyone take Mitt Romney seriously at this opint? And why would anyone believe Romney about anything, when clearly he has no intellectual honesty, consistency, or shame of any kind? I don’t get it.

  • for President. Check out these new poll results:

    *Christie “has a Minus 18 job approval today as speculation continues about whether Christie should run for President.”

    *”NJ voters by 5:1 say Christie should not run for President.”

    *”38% of NJ adults approve of the job Christie is doing, 56% disapprove.”

    *”By 2:1, NJ voters say Christie would be a worse president than Barack Obama.”

    Also, “Obama’s approval rating in NJ today is Plus 14 (54% approve, 40% disapprove).”

    In other words, Run Christie Run!!! 🙂

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    The behavior Romney is displaying now is a continuation of how he twisted and turned and flip-flopped when he was positioning himself to run for governor of Massachusetts. Then, he had to portray himself as a moderate Republican who did not care much about the social issues so beloved by the far right GOPers. Now, those same GOPers have wrested control of the GOP from the normal people, so Romney has to re-invent himself yet again as the darling of the flat-earth fringe of his party. It’s sad to watch. He stands for nothing except being whatever he thinks 50%+1 wants. Sadly for him, that 50%+1 in a Republican primary is not what 50%+1 of the American people want. And, just think…he’s the best they can offer right now.