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PPP: “Obama still strong in Virginia”


According to a new poll by Public Policy Polling, Barack Obama is doing very well in Virginia, thank you! 🙂

Beyond the fact that he’s holding up well with white voters there’s another reason Obama’s polling so well in Virginia- voters there are extremely unimpressed with the Republican candidate field. Mike Huckabee is the most ‘popular’ of the candidates with a 37/41 favorability rating. After him is Mitt Romney at 35/43, Newt Gingrich at 26/54, Sarah Palin at 31/62, and Donald Trump at 22/69.

Even if Obama was unpopular in Virginia he’d still be in a decent position to win the state again because the GOP contenders are so weak there. Take those unpopular Republicans and combine them with a decently popular Obama and you have a very difficult battle for the GOP to get Virginia back. And it’s hard to imagine the party winning back the White House without Virginia- because of that fact and because of Obama’s relative strength there, this is looking to me like the most important state in the Presidential race next year.

According to PPP, Bob McDonnell’s also popular in Virginia, at 50%-35%. Even so, Obama leads McDonnell in a hypothetical matchup for president, 51%-43%. The reason? Virginians overwhelmingly (59%-20%) don’t want McDonnell to run for president in 2012. Also,I’ve just gotta say, for McDonnell to have a 50%-35% approval rating in Virginia, despite what Terry McAuliffe accurately describes as moving us “backwards” not “forwards,” means that someone (hint: initials BM) isn’t doing his job in laying out a narrative. Uh guys?  Any time now!

UPDATE: Also see the Washington Post poll’s latest results, including on whether gay marriage should be legal (47%-43% say “I do!”); whether gays should be able to adopt a child (Virginians disagree with McDonnell, Cooch et al by a 55%-35% margin); and whether abortion should be legal (Virginians believe it should be, by a 53%-40% margin, once again differing with McDonnell and Cooch). Despite all the disagreement with McDonnell on social issues, Virginians approve of McDonnell as governor (by a 62%-26%), ironically because the massive influx of federal money – defense, “stimulus,” etc. – has boosted the Commonwealth’s economy. I say “ironically” because Bob McDonnell leads a party that opposed the “stimulus,” and which generally professes to dislike federal spending. Except, apparently, when it’s spent in Virginia. 🙂

  • FreeDem

    Obama’s numbers have held up amazingly well in Virginia in contrast to other swing states. This clearly shows the failure of Glenn Nye and other Virginia ConservaDems who are so afraid of progressive politics their solution is to run as afar away from Obama as possible. Perriello ran with the Obama agenda in 2008 and hit about the same numbers in the district in 2010 as Obama did in 2008. If Nye had done the same he’d be a Congressman still. The same could arguably be said about Connolly too, who swung to the fiscal conservatives through his campaign by talking up his concerns against the “deficit” as a reason for no jobs package. And even if Nye is the most visible symbol of ConservaDems in the Commonwealth it’s a good lesson for state politics too.