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Republicans Must REALLY Want to Lose in 2012


With Republicans doubling down on the wildly unpopular Ryan plan to destroy Medicare, give even MORE tax breaks to rich people, and lock in huge budget deficits for decades to come, it appears they are hell bent on getting their butts kicked in 2012. As someone who “bleeds Democratic blue,” I of course have no problem with this Republicans’ strategy, it’s just hard to understand why an entire political party would essentially decide to commit suicide.

  • kindler

    …I’d be happy to play Dr. Kevorkian…

  • The Richmonder

    All the cockroaches are suddenly frozen in the bright light for a moment.  The Republicans will start running soon enough.  What Democrats have to do is stay after them.  The GOP has opposed Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security since the day they were passed.  If they are honest, every Republican when asked straight out should admit that they oppose all of these popular programs.

    The trick is to get Democratic electeds to hold the GOP accountable and not compromise away these programs.