Ryan McElveen for Fairfax County School Board


    This Tuesday, the Fairfax County Democratic Committee will choose three at-large school board candidates to endorse for the election in November.

    Ryan McElveen is the only candidate who is a recent county graduate and son of a county teacher. He has spearheaded campaigns throughout Virginia promoting classroom diversity, curriculum internationalization and against Ken Cuccinelli’s attacks on academic freedom. He will bring that forward-thinking spirit to Fairfax’s school board and fight to fully implement full-day kindergarten, improve teacher compensation and eliminate athletic fees.

    You can visit his website at http://www.ryanforschoolboard.com.

    • Also, please keep us updated with the results of your election, as well as education issues in Fairfax generally. For instance, what did you think of how this situation was handled?

      Sean Lanigan was a physical education teacher at Centre Ridge Elementary School in Fairfax County until January 2010, when a sixth-grade girl falsely accused him of molesting her. He was interrogated, arrested, jailed and suspended without pay from his job. But even a year after a jury quickly found him not guilty of all charges, his life is still upside-down. The school district refuses to pay his $125,000 legal bill and continues to transfer him from school to school…

      Personally, this ongoing injustice makes my blood boil! What happened to the kid who falsely accused him, by the way? She should be in big trouble!