Sen. Chuck Colgan to Run for Reelection


    Good news for the “blue team!”

    Sen. Charles J. Colgan (D-Prince William), the Virginia Senate’s longest-serving member, announced Tuesday that he will seek reelection to a 10th term in November.


    Though Colgan’s Prince William seat has been leaning Republican, Democrats think the beloved octogenarian will have a fairly easy time winning reelection.

    If he had retired, however, the area would have been vulnerable for a GOP pick-up.

    Agreed, this one goes back to “likely Democratic hold” from “likely Republican pickup.” Sure, Colgan’s a moderate-to-conservative Democrat, but we absolutely need to hold this seat if we’re going to have any hope of Democrats staying in the Senate majority after November, and Colgan’s just the man to do that. In other words, phew!

    • Tom

      I’ve learned that a very viable, and progressive, Dem. in PWC has been seriously considering running for the new 13th Senate district that was created by merging the old 13th senate district into the 14th Senate district in Chesapeake (both the old 13th and the old 14th have been Republican districts), which if we can win this one means we hold the 29th and add a Dem. seat we didn’t have before.

      I’ve been reading today about how a “rookie” GOP GA member Stanley) has decided to move to the 20th senate district so he can attempt to challenge Roscoe Reynolds (D) who has held that Senate seat for awhile and has so far beaten back previous GOP challenges. The Martinsville Bulletin has characterized this as a critical race to determine if the Dems. can hold their majority. But I don’t see that Reynolds is in much danger of losing to Stanley, and I believe the combination of Colgan running for re-election (with no announced GOP challenger with FitzSimmonds now in the new 13th and competing with Stirrup and Black for that nomination) to me makes the 13th Senate district race a real opportunity to increase the Dem. majority by one seat.

      What I really like is that PWC now becomes the most important county in the state in terms of the Senate Dem. majority. Granted, the new 13th senate district is about 3/4 in Loudoun County, but the PWCDC and hundreds of non-committee volunteers about to be activated (with certain help from Brigades), we can organize a grassroots campaign that can easily cover both PWC and Loudoun County full time, with a well organized GOTV the likes of which the republicans can only dream about. Plus, we can gain a lot of high-visibility free press from even WaPo, given the fact that they do focus disproportionately on NoVa GA politics.

      As soon as I’ve heard for sure if the person I’m hoping will run has made a firm decision, I’ll update this post with what I hope will be very good news that we have a shot at a new Senate seat pick-up. In fact, I fully expect to have firm info. by the time of the 3-4 June DPVA quarterly meetings, which would be a good place for the candidate announcement to be made officially.

    • Tom

      Now that Bob FitzSimmonds now in the new 13th Senate District and competing with the more conservative Stirrup who declined to run for Gainesville Supervisor (PWC BOCS) and the more extreme right-winger Black (Loudoun County), the GOP has no one left in the 29th senate district to run against Colgan. Latest rumors indicate that Colgan may be running unopposed in the general election. One BV blogger had suggested recently that if Colgan did decide to retire he thought Jackson Miller (GOP 50th HoD) could win the 29th seat easily, but with no D candidate yet announced to run against Miller in the 50th HoD, he would be foolish to give up an almost certain HoD re-election win just to suffer the embarrassment of losing to Colgan by a huge margin. FitzSimmonds came within about 6% points of Clogan 4 years ago, but now the GOP has no one to nominate in the 29th, poor rethugs that they are.

    • gg2landy