The McDonnell-Cuccinelli Administration: By the Numbers


    Nice job by Brian Coy et al. at DPVA; this pretty much sums it up on McDonnell’s record of failure. I just wish that more Virginians knew these facts, because if they did, I’m confident McDonnell’s approval rating would be a lot lower than it is now. Unfortunately, right now, most of what people hear is McDonnell’s “Big Lies” on the budget, the economy, jobs, etc. Let’s hope that DPVA and others keep pounding away at that, because it’s inexcusable McDonnell’s gotten away with it as long as he has, frankly.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      The DPVA just might try funding a radio/TV/Internet ad campaign to get their message out, perhaps starting with the above. I have seen two things since the change in “leadership” in Richmond (I put that word in quotation marks because I firmly believe that there was no leadership under the previous chairman):

      1. The messaging is far better and very pointed.

      2. The message is sent to the “choir.” Sending out emails and other correspondence – both verbal and video – that reaches Democrats only is not the way to build party strength.